Cohort 7 of Women in Tech Launched


@iBizAfrica – Strathmore University in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank has launched Cohort 7 of its Women in Tech Program, under their joint initiative, the Women in Tech Incubator program. With sustainability as its central theme, the initiative, launched April 4, 2024, aims to empower female entrepreneurs leveraging technology to pivot their businesses towards environmentally and socially responsible practices. The 12-week incubation program provides training in business skills, facilitates access to finance, and builds networks for 15 female entrepreneurs. Seven of these entrepreneurs will receive USD 10,000 each in seed capital to scale their ventures. The launch event, hosted at Strathmore University under the theme ‘Empowering Women for a Sustainable Future,’ featured a panel discussion titled ‘Driving a Sustainable Future Through Female Entrepreneurs.’ 

The panel was composed of Dr. Catherine Adeya, Board Member at Standard Chartered; Makabelo Malumane, Head of Transaction Banking in Kenya and East Africa at Standard Chartered; and Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor of Strathmore University. Their collective message emphasized the importance of creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

Dr. Vincent Ogutu, stressed the importance of sustainability, highlighting the collective responsibility to create a better world for future generations. He also highlighted the vital role of partnerships in fostering entrepreneurial success, noting the collaboration between Standard Chartered and Strathmore University as instrumental in providing funding and mentorship support to women entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs cannot thrive in isolation. While we, as a university, can equip them with the necessary business acumen, it is vital to collaborate with institutions such as Standard Chartered to provide crucial funding and mentorship support for their ventures,” said Dr. Ogutu.

Makabelo Malumane, reaffirmed the program’s commitment to fostering sustainable business practices among women-led startups. She emphasized the impact of the program in empowering women and contributing to the growth of Kenya’s tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Drawing upon her extensive 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Dr. Catherine Adeya highlighted the abundant opportunities afforded by technology. However, she emphasized the importance of conscientiousness among innovators, urging them to ensure that their technological advancements address the pressing issues confronting society.

With the launch of Women In Tech Cohort 7, Dr. Joseph Sevilla said @iBizAfrica – Strathmore University is looking forward to the integration of environmental and social responsibility into technological innovation to address challenges such as limited awareness, regulatory gaps, and financial constraints hindering the adoption of sustainable business practices.

Since its inception in 2017, the Women in Tech Program has trained over 64 women-led businesses and provided seed funding of over KES 41 million to 32 startups. With a focus on sustainability, the program continues to play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and sustainability in Kenya’s business landscape.

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Article written by Stephen Wakhu

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