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  • Strathmore College was started in 1961 as an Advanced-level Sixth Form College offering Science and Arts subjects by a group of professionals, who formed a charitable Educational Trust (now the Strathmore Educational Trust). Strathmore College was the first in Pre-independence Kenya to accommodate all races, religions, and social standing. Saint Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei, inspired and encouraged them to start the College.

  • In March 1966, the first intake of Accountancy students, twenty-five in number, joined the Sixth Form students and began preparing for the examinations of the UK-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). These first Accountancy students were sponsored by Shell East Africa, BAT (East Africa), and the East African Breweries. At this time Strathmore College was unique as a fully integrated post-Form 4 institution offering both academic and professional courses.

  • In October 1982, owing to the increased demand from companies for the professional training of their employees, the College began evening courses in Accountancy after normal working hours, with 60 students sponsored by various companies.

  • In 1986, in response to a request by the Trustees, the Government of Kenya donated 5 acres of land on Ole Sangale Road, Madaraka Estate. The European Union (EU) and the Italian Government agreed to back the Madaraka Campus project. The donors were keen to support a co-educational College that would offer courses in Management and Accountancy. Kianda College, an undertaking of Kianda Foundation, which was planning new developments at the time, agreed to run their professional courses in the new Madaraka campus.

  • Construction of the new campus commenced in September 1989. Meanwhile, in January 1991, the Information Technology Centre was started in the Lavington Campus to run computer courses leading to the Institute for the Management of Information Systems (formerly Institute of Data Processing Management) Diploma and Higher Diploma. In January 1992 a Distance Learning Centre was opened to offer correspondence courses in Accountancy to students who are unable to attend lectures.

  • In January 1993 Strathmore College merged with Kianda College and moved to Ole Sangale Road, Madaraka Estate.


With a total student body of 8189, comprising both part-time and full-time learners, our university prides itself in offering comprehensive educational opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. Our student community is richly diverse, with 86% of our students enrolled on a full-time basis and 14% pursuing their studies part-time. Embracing global perspectives, we welcome students from across the world, with 11% of our student population representing international communities.

Becoming a University

In August 2002 the Commission of Higher Education awarded Strathmore a Letter of Interim Authority to operate as a University with a Faculty of Commerce and a Faculty of Information Technology.

The first undergraduate students to enroll in these faculties completed their 4-year degree course in December 2004 and graduated in August 2005.

In June 2007, Kenya’s Commission for Higher Education approved the award of a charter to Strathmore University.

Strathmore University Standard Chartered Gazetted

The University’s Charter was gazetted under the Universities Act (CAP 210B) in the ‘Kenya Gazette’ supplement no. 47 (legislative supplement no. 27) via legal notice no. 86. The charter details the establishment and functions of the University, membership, and governance of the University, administration, financial provision, and statutes of the University.

A Timeline of Strathmore University

1961 - The Beginning

Strathmore College launches an Advanced-level Sixth Form College (men only) offering Science and Arts tuition under the inspiration and encouragement of the founder of Opus Dei, St. Josemaria Escriva. Strathmore was Kenya’s first multiracial multi-religious school

1966 - First ACCA Intake

The first intake of Accountancy students, 25 in number, joined the Sixth Form students and began preparing for examinations with the UK-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

1982 - Evening Classes

Evening courses for Accountancy begin

1989 - Madaraka

Construction of the new campus at Madaraka Estate, Ole Sangale Road commences in September.

1993 - Merging

Strathmore College merges with Kianda College (an institution founded in 1961 for women) and moves to the new Madaraka Campus

2002 - Interim Authority

The Commission for Higher Education (now Commission for University Education) awarded Strathmore a Letter of Interim Authority to operate a university and offer the flagship undergraduate programmes in Commerce and Information Technology.

2005 - Business

Strathmore launches Strathmore Business School (SBS), as a graduate school to fill in the existing gap in leadership & management in Executive Education and MBA

2008 - Charter

Strathmore is awarded a Charter by the Government of Kenya giving it full legal recognition to operate as a University.

2010 - Expansion

Strathmore launches the School of Finance & Applied Economics (SFAE) to expand the programme offering from the initial focus on business & information technology.

2012 - Law

Strathmore launches the School of Law (SLS) to further expand the academic offering and contribute to legal education and academic research in the country

2014 - Strategy

Strathmore launches a new 10-year strategic plan that provides vision and map for the university for the next 10 years. The mid-term review of the strategy was relaunched in November 2020

2014 - iLab

@iLabAfrica is launched to spearhead ICT Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship with a mission of providing an environment that promotes technology innovation and business support structure and policy. The centre also houses @iBizAfrica, a business incubator for young entrepreneurs.

2018 - Merger

School of Management and Commerce (SMC) merges with the Business School to form the Strathmore University Business School (SBS).

2018 - Strathmore Institute

The University launched the Institute of Management and Technology (formerly School of Accountancy) to re-align with TVET Act 2013.

2019 - Foundation

Strathmore University Foundation Launch.

2020 - Computing

Faculty of Information Technology merges with the new engineering school to form the School of Computing and Engineering Sciences (SCES).

Governance and Administration

Governance and Administration

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