University Calendar



Activity Date
Annual Academic Staff Workshop Wednesday 27th March 2024
Vice Chancellor’s Conference Friday 10th May 2024
Vice Chancellor’s Run Saturday 25th May 2024
Strathmore University Graduation 28th June 2024
Mentoring Awareness Week 16th – 18th September 2024
Founder’s Week Sept 30th – 5th October 2024
Freshmen Convocation Wednesday 16th October 2024
Strathmore Institute Graduation Friday 18th October 2024
Executive Education Graduation Friday 6th December 2024

Semester 1

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 26th March 2024
Classes Begin 2nd April 2024
Semester Break 3rd-7th June 2024
Classes End 15th July 2024
Study Break 16th-19th July 2024
Examinations 22nd July- 2nd August 2024

Semester 2

Activity Date
Classes Begin 14th August 2024
Semester Break 7th-11th October 2024
Classes End 25th November 2024
Study Break 26th November- 1st December 2024
Examinations 2nd- 17th December 2024

Semester 1

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 24th- 27th June 2024
Classes Begin 2nd July 2024
Semester Break 2nd-6th September 2024
Classes End 14th October 2024
Study Break 15th-18th October 2024
Examinations 22nd October- 1st November 2024

Semester 2

Activity Date
Classes Begin 12th November 2024
Semester Break 21st- December-5th January 2025
Classes End 25th February 2025
Study Break 26th February- 2nd March 2025
Examinations 4th-17th March 2025


Diploma and Professional Courses

January 2024 – Diplomas, ACCA, CPA, CFA

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 16th February 2024
Classes Begin 9th January 2024
Classes End 29th March 2024
Study Break 1st – 5th April 2024
Examinations 8th – 19th April 2024

May 2024 – Diplomas, ICDL, CCA, CPA

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 7th June 2024
Classes Begin 6th May 2024
Classes End 26th July 2024
Study Break 29th – 2nd August 2024
Examinations 5th-16th August 2024

July 2024 – ACCA, CFA

Activity Date
Classes Begin 1st July 2024

July 2024 – CISM, CISA, CISM

Activity Date
Classes Begin 22nd July 2024

September 2024 – Diplomas, ICDL, CPA, CCA

Activity Date
Classes Begin 9th September 2024

Evening and Modular Programs

Trimester III

Activity Date
Classes Begin 8th January 2024
Semester Break 29th- 2nd March 2024
Classes End 10th April 2024
Study Break 11th- 15th April 2024
Examinations 16th- 26th April 2024

Trimester I

Activity Date
Classes Begin 6th May 2024
Semester Break 6th-9th June 2024
Classes End 8th August 2024
Study Break 9th-13th August 2024
Examinations 14th-27th August 2024

Trimester II

Activity Date
Classes Begin 3rd September 2024
Semester Break 10th-12th October 2024
Classes End 29th November 2024
Study Break 30th November- 4th December 2024
Examinations 5th-19th December 2024