University Calendar



Activity Date
Annual Academic Staff Workshop Wednesday 27th March 2024
Vice Chancellor’s Conference Friday 10th May 2024
Vice Chancellor’s Run Saturday 25th May 2024
Strathmore University Graduation 27th & 28th June 2024
Mentoring Awareness Week 16th – 18th September 2024
Founder’s Week Sept 30th – 5th October 2024
Freshmen Convocation Wednesday 16th October 2024
Strathmore Institute Graduation Friday 18th October 2024
Executive Education Graduation Friday 6th December 2024

Semester 1

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 26th March 2024
Classes Begin 2nd April 2024
Semester Break 3rd-7th June 2024
Classes End 15th July 2024
Study Break 16th-19th July 2024
Examinations 22nd July- 2nd August 2024

Semester 2

Activity Date
Classes Begin 14th August 2024
Semester Break 7th-11th October 2024
Classes End 25th November 2024
Study Break 26th November- 1st December 2024
Examinations 2nd- 17th December 2024

Semester 1

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 24th- 27th June 2024
Classes Begin 2nd July 2024
Semester Break 2nd-6th September 2024
Classes End 14th October 2024
Study Break 15th-18th October 2024
Examinations 22nd October- 1st November 2024

Semester 2

Activity Date
Classes Begin 12th November 2024
Semester Break 21st- December-5th January 2025
Classes End 25th February 2025
Study Break 26th February- 2nd March 2025
Examinations 4th-17th March 2025


Diploma and Professional Courses

January 2024 – Diplomas, ACCA, CPA, CFA

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 16th February 2024
Classes Begin 9th January 2024
Classes End 29th March 2024
Study Break 1st – 5th April 2024
Examinations 8th – 19th April 2024

May 2024 – Diplomas, ICDL, CCA, CPA

Activity Date
Orientation Begins 7th June 2024
Classes Begin 6th May 2024
Classes End 26th July 2024
Study Break 29th – 2nd August 2024
Examinations 5th-16th August 2024

July 2024 – ACCA, CFA

Activity Date
Classes Begin 1st July 2024

July 2024 – CISM, CISA, CISM

Activity Date
Classes Begin 22nd July 2024

September 2024 – Diplomas, ICDL, CPA, CCA

Activity Date
Classes Begin 9th September 2024

Evening and Modular Programs

Trimester III

Activity Date
Classes Begin 8th January 2024
Semester Break 29th- 2nd March 2024
Classes End 10th April 2024
Study Break 11th- 15th April 2024
Examinations 16th- 26th April 2024

Trimester I

Activity Date
Classes Begin 6th May 2024
Semester Break 6th-9th June 2024
Classes End 8th August 2024
Study Break 9th-13th August 2024
Examinations 14th-27th August 2024

Trimester II

Activity Date
Classes Begin 3rd September 2024
Semester Break 10th-12th October 2024
Classes End 29th November 2024
Study Break 30th November- 4th December 2024
Examinations 5th-19th December 2024