Coat of Arms

Mission, Vision & Values

Ut omnes unum sint
That all may be one

The Three Hearts represent the three races which, in 1961 when the University started, were segregated in the colonial system of education. The heart represents the person since it is taken as the source of all our actions, and the source of love. The fact that the three hearts all have the same color shows the equality of all people and their aim to love and understand each other. At the beginning, it clearly pointed at the target of racial unity. Today it symbolizes the common aim of parents, teachers, and students in the educational process of Strathmore.

The Rose in full bloom represents love, the source of all good desires and actions, even if at times this means loving sacrifice, as represented by the thorns. The rose has a supernatural meaning too. Love, with capital letters, is the love of God. The rose also has a historical meaning associated with the life of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, who inspired and encouraged the people who started Strathmore: he once received a divine sign in the form of a carved gilded rose in a very trying moment of his life.

The Lion is the symbol of strength and courage and of the determined fight for excellence and justice. It also represents Kenya, the country Strathmore was founded in, which like many African countries strives boldly to attain all the qualities mentioned above.

The Motto “Ut omnes unum sint” is Latin. It is a quotation from a passage of the Gospel, and means “That all may be one”. It expresses our desire to work together towards the same aim, in spite of personal differences or opinion, tastes and backgrounds. The colours in heraldry (the science dealing with coats of arms) have associated meanings as follows: Yellow (Gold) Gold means eternity, perfection. Blue (Azure) Sky blue means high ideals, high aims. Red (Gules) Blood red means sacrifice, love, fortitude.

  • Yellow(Gold)Gold means eternity, perfection.

  • Blue(Azure)Sky blue means high ideals, high aims.

  • Red(Gules)Blood red means sacrifice, love, fortitude


To provide all-round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility, excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, ethical and social development and service to society.


To be a leading entrepreneurial university, positively impacting society by doing excellent work.



  • Service to Society

    We serve society through research, education, and institutional citizenship.

  • Excellence

    Through the sanctification of work, we strive for work excellence and the highest-quality output.

  • Life-long Learning

    We develop programmes and adapt teaching methods that equip learners with skills and tools for innovation and adaptability, and personal development.

  • Freedom and Responsibility

    We respect the freedom of the individual person and acknowledge that with freedom comes responsibility


  • Subsidiarity

    We seek to provide solutions at the most immediate level to a need.

  • Personalized Attention

    We seek to provide an environment where all our stakeholders can receive individual and customized service and support.

  • Ethical Practice

    We honour the beliefs, morals, and values of the academic profession and help others to do the same.

  • Collegiality

    We respect one another’s commitment to a common purpose and work together to meet the needs of our clients.


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    Transformative Student Experience

    Strathmore University continues to provide students with a continuum of diverse opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, and personal development extending well beyond the classroom to ensure that students achieve the maximum benefit of a Strathmore University education. We endeavor to broaden our students’ horizons and attitudes while developing their current skills and abilities and learning new ones to help both their future careers and their role within society.

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    Research and Innovation

    Strathmore University engages in research and innovation that has an impact on learning, enterprise and society. Our main objective is to develop an open research culture and remove barriers to innovation for all our staff and students. Through this, we aim to be the partner of choice for all institutions seeking to do research and innovate in Africa.

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    Service to Society

    Our key goal in this pillar is to engage staff, students, alumni, and stakeholders in addressing ethical and societal challenges which contribute to SDG 1, which is to eradicate poverty. We aim to become instruments of societal thought and ethical leadership by having our students, staff, and alumni take a leading role as positive, transformative change agents in society. Strathmore University also has a dedicated team that coordinates the university’s ecosystem to engage with the less privileged.

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    Transformative Staff Experience

    We believe that the foundation of our success is grounded in the dedication and passion of our staff towards the mission and vision of the University. This additional pillar envisages a supportive, developmental environment and culture in a community in which every member of the University is enabled to achieve his/her full potential and support the key objectives of the University strategy. This pillar builds progressively on the University’s values, and responds to the priorities of our University, as we seek to support our people in delivering the University’s Strategy 2020-2025.