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Today I dance on the ceiling!

The smell of cheap liquor and plaque fill the air with every laugh from the comrades. They haven’t seen each other in weeks, and they can barely see each other now. The third bottle of Captain tumbles off the table as Kero gives his ninth speech on how much he loves us “g… guys… I just want to say…”. He bumps into the table with all the chasers. No one reacts because nothing fell, because we don’t chase our alcohol. The boys are all gathered under a palm tree, sipping something heavy. The crown jewel sits comfortable on the center table, 750 milliliters of Generali… ‘General Meakins extra strong’. No one has opened it yet; it awaits a proper blessing before being opened. The girls are inside the house sipping on something lighter, it was one of those days when KC hits just right. Burna Boy, clumsy dancing, and a carpet soaked in different liquors; everyone is having a good time. Kero calls everyone outside, the General has spoken. With almost barrack ethic, we come and surround the table holding the treasure, a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers.

For teenagers nowadays, Saturdays are characterized by hangovers and empty bottles. A quick dunk in cold water to cool the senses, and they are back to drinking. The college dream glamourized by the west has now become the expectation of teenagers. Binge drinking, chain smoking and promiscuity have become the symbols of coming of age. Debauchery has become the synonym for freedom, and hedonism our master. You are not free if you are a slave to your cravings. St. Josemaria claimed that we should reject the deception of those who appease themselves with the pathetic cry of ‘Freedom! Freedom!’ Their cry often masks a tragic enslavement because choices that prefer error do not liberate. Proverbs 31:4-7 claims that we should give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish. Though some may argue the Bible does not definitively tackle the matter on drinking, it emphasizes greatly against heavy drinking or drinking to get drunk. This disparity has created a loophole that people use to justify their irresponsible drinking. To have true freedom is to have control of yourself. It brings the concept of morals and principles. If we stand for nothing, we fall for anything. If we have our understanding rooted in principle, then true freedom begins.

The next question then becomes what should be the basis of these principles? St. Josemaria offers a solution backed by the scripture. He states that only the truth will set you free. Basing your key principles on truth allows them to stand in any situation and it is when you realize true freedom. The truth shows you what you truly seek that leads you to the bottle. It gives direction to the true destination of happiness. The real happy hour is the time spent on meditation of the truth; the only 3 in 1 special is God the father, the son, and the Holy spirit.


This blog post won second position in the 2022 Founder’s Week blog competition.


This article was written by Tim Makale, 3rd Year SIMS student.


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