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To our mothers: You are the best there is!

Angelikka Gitau, executive coach and mentor at Strathmore University Business School, with her family and the Chancellor of the University, Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz Braña

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers  in our University and to all who celebrate the spirit of motherhood in our society. It is incredibly important to honour our mothers this week but also recognize that having a mother can take many forms. Hopefully, there is at least one person in each person’s life who “mothers” them; showering love and acceptance, and in whose presence one can develop their uniqueness. Extended family life allows for this but so do neighbours, teachers, friends, mentors, and so many others in non-traditional roles. Every person needs an ongoing bath of love to flourish. And so, in the spirit of honouring our mothers, here are some beautiful words from some students and mothers.

Motherhood the gift- Caroline Auma (Security Department)

“Being a mother gave me a chance to fulfil my God-given duties to love and nurture. Furthermore, it has given me the joy of being called a mom. It melts my heart to be titled so. I have had the pleasure of seeing all my children grow into respectable and well-behaved persons.

All my three children are gifted differently. In this day, it’s harder to parent than before because so many things can distract and misinform your children. Today, children have access to the internet and they are more digital than previous generations.

There are tons of information at their disposal, which, unbeknown to them, may harm them. I have to remain vigilant about it. I want to celebrate all the new mothers and advise them to take pride in motherhood. It’s a gift from God to be called a mother. Take pride, do your best and God will bless you.”

-By Denzel Maina


Christine Oketch (Strathmore Institute of Mangement and Technology): A mother’s greatest masterpiece is her children.

Being a mother has been such a blessing. It was a sudden change. I cried, amidst joy and fear of whether I would be a good mother or not, when I found out about my first child. I was not prepared to have her but with God’s grace I pushed through the toughest times. Through bearing her, I got that title ‘mother’. She gave me so much joy and made me the mother than I am today.

Later on I had the joy of another child, a boy. He has been such a blessing in my life as well and has made me really proud. I love each and every stage of helping my children turn into beautiful butterflies and watching them soar higher with each step they take. Recently, my son was announced on TV as one of the top 15 best underage students in the 2021 KCSE. My heart sang with so much joy knowing he achieved what he wanted and that he has made so many proud of him. I thank God every waking moment for the gift of my children into my life and going this far with them.


Angelikka Gitau, executive coach and mentor at Strathmore University Business School

I am a proud mother of nine wonderful children who are truly a blessing from God. My children are one of my greatest joys in life.

I am enthusiastic about the calling of motherhood and I have found comfort and happiness in taking up the role of being a mother. I acknowledge that it comes with various challenges and responsibilities, which I have learnt a great deal from. With each child comes a new lesson.

I hold immense pride in my children as they go through various life experiences and look forward to watching them embark on their different paths. Allowing them to make their own mistakes and find their way is painful but it enables each child to find their own ground.

Despite the common assumption that many people hold on having a large family to be exhausting, the growth of a family brings about shared responsibility.

Motherhood is a journey that never ends. Even my own mother calls to check on me till present day.

By Pauline Kiai

My mother the warrior – Hawa Yawe Wanjiku, Student (Bachelor of Business Science Financial Economics)

Life may not come with an instruction manual or bullet proof vest but it does come with a mother.

My mother- I call her ‘mum’ but my two older brothers sometimes call her ‘mama’. She is a provider, protector and teacher. When life gets difficult, I know I can look to her for emotional support. She taught me patience and turning to God during difficult moments. Those attributes have helped me withstand and overcome a lot of trials and tribulations.

One of the greatest memories I have of her is when she faced off against thieves who broke into our house, while my father was away. Mum got rid of them and called the cops. I thought -and still think- that she was very brave for that and much more. Growing up, I loved it when my mom would come home early and we’d get to spend some extra time with her. I am very privileged to have a mother as caring and loving as she is.

By Laura Namuliro


Tracy Kamau (SHSS student): An Inspiration, My Mother  Always Has the Answer

I tell my mom everything; and I mean the good, the bad, the sad, the disappointing, and the ugly. Through it all, she always has the best answer for me, even when she is giving me the ‘it’s your life’ talk, which I believe is also for the best. She knows me more than I know myself. I don’t like admitting this around her because she will use it against me, when it comes to the not-so-wise decisions I make.

She is my first contact after every minor inconvenience in life. She has a great sense of humour and she will not forget to crack my ribs after a good cry or a bad day. She is always telling me to enjoy and live life. Our three hours’ routine phone calls from 7:00 p.m. always seem so short. It has never been easy saying goodbye in person or on a phone call, and yes, my twenty-year-old self is still bothered by my mother’s goodbyes. She has a photo board of us in her living room and she placed it so she can constantly look at it.

By Bany Sabore


My mother, my strength- Kariithi Moses Kinoti (Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computer Science student)

My mother has always been a pillar of strength to our family. In addition to managing her business and working full-time, she is absolutely selfless in availing herself and helping out whenever she can. She appreciates the quality time we spend together – which strengthens our bond.

When I was younger, I enjoyed traveling with my mum. Now as I am older, I love talking to her as she is my best friend, a great listener with an invaluable wealth of wisdom that she always imparts on me.

“My mother is so full of joy and life. I am her child. And that is better than being the child of anyone else in the world.”- Maya Angelou

By Faith Tuarari


My number one cheerleader, Mum – Jeff Melita (Law School student)

As a young man trying to explore potential opportunities of growth and actualization in today’s society, I am constantly at the mercy of life’s curveballs. It always gives me great comfort to know that my mother will always be on my side. She has always supported me regardless of the outcome.

As the communications director of the Strathmore Law Clinic, member of the Student Council’s Vice President’s Senate and President of the Strathmore Debate Society, sacrifice is the order of the day. This sacrifice of time and energy downsizes the time I get to spend with my family; however, I still hold the moments I spend with them dear to my heart. My mother is the greatest propagator of my success and she always wants me to succeed. She provides not only words of encouragement but also the resources I need. This fuels my drive for success.

I do not always win and I do admit life is not always rosy, but the prickly thorns of life hurt less because my mother’s unconditional love will always provide a soothing effect.


-By Ted Iha



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