Learning to Learn through ALiVE Project


Promotion of human values and life skills is at the heart of Strathmore University.  The acronym, ‘SELF-SPEC’ (Service to Society, Excellence, Life-long Learning, Freedom and Responsibility, Subsidiarity, Personalized Attention, Ethical Practice, Collegiality) represents Strathmore University’s values that staff and students strive to live by. The University hosts programs such as Maisha and Filmmaking and Life Skills courses that are developed to imbue and shape our young people’s minds with desirable life skills that are pertinent as they navigate college life and beyond.

Recently, Strathmore University Community Service Centre, together with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, partnered with Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) to organize a two-day Learning to Learn workshop held at Strathmore University. RELI is made up of 70 organizations drawn from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Its mandate is to develop a home-based tool that will be used to assess Values and Life Skills among adolescents in East Africa, followed by documentation of the process for posterity.

RELI initiated the ALiVE project, which stands for Assessment of Life Skills and Values in Adolescents in East Africa. The 2-day workshop brought together 45 technical experts. It aimed at having summative, backward-looking activities to reflect on the work of ALiVE and formative, forward-looking activities, looking to the future of the program. The workshop was a culmination of a 20-month-long ALiVE project.  It reflected on the lessons learned by the partners in the measurement of values and life skills.

The workshop was a highly successful learning platform for participants who requested to have more similar sessions in the near future. Key takeaways and next steps were documented and will be utilized as the project progresses. Successes and lessons from the ALiVE project will also be adopted into the Young ALiVE program that targets young children aged 6 – 12 years.

I can bet it was an interesting experience, not just for me but also for our colleagues from Strathmore University. As we await the next learning opportunity, let’s introspect as a Strathmore University family and see how the Values we hold dear inform our daily living, not only while at Strathmore but in our families as well.


This article was written by Liz Mbogo. 

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