Divorced from Nature, Can We Have a Reunion this Earth Day?


About 6,000,000 years of life on earth, we continue to distance ourselves from nature. We can be heard on our podiums and knowledge streets sighing about the worst ever experience of man, the “impact of climate change”, but then the gap between man and nature continues to widen. On this earth day, can we rekindle our love with mother nature? When was the last time you walked barefoot on the ground (natural soil) or even on grass? On the menu this earth day is a reunion with nature as a way of healing and relaxing through nature therapy.

Richard Louv who authored “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” reports on the role of nature in child development – building confidence, improving the mood, boosting creativity and reducing chances of depression later in life.

Forest Therapy on the Menu on this Earth Day; Value of Vitamin N
As the world becomes more complex, humanity must realize that the secret to living lies with what we feed the “whole”, feeding the physical body to feeding the spiritual body. On this earth day then, my pickup from the menu is, #1: Tree Hugging and Sniffing: Exposure to chemical compounds such as Phytoncides have been found out by researchers to boost the immune system of man. On this earth day, being close to trees and even hugging them to awaken your connection with nature could be medicinal. Researchers continue to inform us on more therapeutic benefits of Eco therapy such as relaxation and feelings of being happy.

If you are allergic to the menu, on this earth day, you can just be present (the typical plain water), visit forests and nature trails, and just be there in awe of the beauty of nature. On this earth day, it’s also good to recognize the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. Don’t just be a taker, because nature is seriously ailing and dependent on man for its healing, can we then care a little and have a symbiotic relationship with nature?

On this earth day, engage all your senses as you connect with nature. Carley Sefton opens up by#1 use your sight to observe on the behavior of nature as you bathe in the forest. #2 Sniff through the leaves and tree barks. #3 Connect with nature through touch using your hands, feet, and face. Earthling with feet has been proven to boost the health stature of man through the absorption of electrons which brings balance to the body. #4 What’s safe to eat in the forest? and #5 connect with the sounds of nature such as the melodious singing of birds.

Let’s settle our fights with nature on this earth day.

Can we have a reunion with nature?

This article was written by Mary Aming’a.

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