8.4.4 system? Done and dusted! – Tamara Kahai


A levels? Done!

University Offers? Accepted

Congratulations! You have made it to Strathmore University.

I remember immense excitement as I prepared to embark on the next phase of my life. I looked forward to making new friends, whom I am really grateful to for the friendship we’ve shared, many of which continue today. I was curious about the lecturers who and the lecturers
that would be delivering all the course information needed for me to walk away with a shiny degree in 4 years’ time.

In the beginning, I was split between pursuing two courses; Software Engineering or Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy (BDP). Both courses seemed quite intriguing. The option of pursuing the two at the same time would call for a lot of sacrifice. I
settled for a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy and to this date, I am happy with the choice I made.
I came Coming to the realization that the onus of lecturers was not only having the privilege to shape and support the future of intellectual youth, but also to nurture and build the next generation. I was extremely lucky to have experienced the best of them. Classes with Dr. Alice Karuri and Dr. Jotham were never dull. Comparative Regional Economic Development, Globalization and development, Emerging issues, and Philosophy of Language. The list is endless! Incorporating humor and exciting course material enticed one to hop onto the class with great expectation.
Losing my father in my first year was one of my lowest moments, but with the constant
support and valuable words of advice from my lecturers carried me throughout the remaining
years in university.

Around Campus

What is campus life without a flea market? Often once or twice a month, the Strathmore Business Club would provide an opportunity for student entrepreneurs to vend and interact with potential clients and engage with other entrepreneurs. From jewelry, skin care and
cosmetic products, African attire and bags, clothing, you name it, would be found on sale at bargain and pocket friendly prices. Not to mention, the food court stands that were selling yummy donuts to tasty creamed pastries to freshly made fruit juices.
With my entrepreneurial mind, I signed up for all opportunities, including vending during Sports days. I sold various items and the proceeds financed this so-called “ adulting” life. Entrepreneurship, a unit that I did in 4th year, enriched my knowledge of business and how to
strategically place myself in the world.

In my second year, I had the esteemed honour to be part of the election committee that would oversee the election campaigns, debate logistics and voting procedures of the 11th Student Council. I have been the class representative since first year all the way through to 4th year. The peak of my class representative ‘career’ was during COVID-19 remote learning. I got to form a rapport
with the lecturers because most of them would need to text me either the links or communicate some activities to be done during their absence. And the best part ? I didn’t have to go look for them in the staffroom. It has been a great experience, but I could not have done
it without my amazing classmates.

Next step
University? Done and dusted!

I thoroughly enjoyed my campus life. As the door of opportunities are now opening, I
optimistically see a bright future ahead.

Tamara Kahai graduates with a from Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and Philosophy degree with a second class upper division.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.

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