APRIL 2024 MASTERS Courses Intake

Master in Hospitality Business Management (MHBM) 

The Master in Hospitality Business Management (MHBM) program is developed to provide the next-generation hospitality managers with in-depth knowledge and international experience to enable them to explore innovative hospitality business opportunities. MHBM provides a valuable opportunity to hospitality professionals and industry practitioners to acquire leadership and business management skills specific to the hospitality industry with a strong skill base in ethical leadership, business acumen, sustainable management, entrepreneurship and research that need to be applied at top or mid-level management in addressing contemporary hospitality industry needs and challenges.



1. International Module in a reputable University in Europe

2 Facilitated by a mix of top and reputable local and international faculty

3. Targeted guest lectures and workshops led by industry experts

4. Industry focused master’s dissertation and Seminars

5. Focus on the holistic development of the leaders in the hospitality sector

6. 50 years of experience producing graduates in leadership and entrepreneurship

7. Combining academic rigor with industry applications

8. Extremely practical examples

9. Powerful networking

10. A beautiful environment with world-class standards

11. A commitment to individual transformation and the society

12. Strathmore is ranked among the best Universities in Africa

Key thematic areas


1. Ethics, Governance and Responsibility

2. Hospitality Revenue Management

3. Strategic Hospitality HR Management

4. Hospitality Leadership and Management

5. Corporate Finance for Hospitality

6. Hotel Property Planning, Design and Development

7. Competitive Strategies for Hospitality Business

8. Global Hospitality Marketing

9. Innovation and Change Management

10. Big Data Analytics in Hospitality

11. Hospitality Law

12. Hospitality Business Development

Master in Hospitality Business Management (Msc. EM)

The MSc in Educational Management program is intended to equip students with sound knowledge on the principles of educational management through various course modules, demonstrating (theoretically and practically) a mastery of the different methods to achieve certain objectives. Students will be required to show this through the theoretical and practical aspects of each module. Students will test educational management theories through educational management practice.


Why MSc EM


1. Reflective, analytical, participative and adopt a realistic approach to education.

2. Empowered in educational leadership and can meet the challenges of change in education.

3. Able to integrate aspects of human formation, leadership and management skills into middle and senior school management as well as to classroom management.

4. Skilled to conduct educational research to solve situational specific problems and communicate the different solutions coherently and persuasively to institutional stakeholder.

Msc 2024 April Intake

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