Master of Science in Development Finance (MDF)



Strathmore Business School’s MSc. Development Finance will deal with the main issues associated with the finance of the public and private sectors in developing and transitional economies.

The intention is to provide essential skills which equip graduates for successful careers in public finance, bank, and non-bank financial institutions, international finance organizations, aid agencies, academic and research institutions, and NGOs.

The programme includes an analysis of both the formal and informal financial sectors, policies to promote financial inclusion, clients’ financial service needs, institutional design, and financial reforms.

The MSc. Development Finance will also have a strong practice-oriented approach which will be reflected in the use of case studies.

The programme will also integrate practitioners into teaching and research, as well as an industry-oriented master’s dissertation. Further, the programme will aim at a broader level to promote service to society through the provision of quality academic and professional training, as well as human and moral training.

Students who go through the programme will be expected to have an enhanced commitment to the development agenda and public service.

It will also aim to provide the most suitable means to improve the moral, social and economic conditions of the person and of society as a whole which is in line with the University’s broader vision.

Strathmore Business School after realizing that there was a shortage of development finance experts in Africa and in the world in general, partnered with Africagrowth Institute (AGI) to develop MSc in Development Finance.

For Who?

Practitioners and non-practitioners in both public and private sectors who are keen on acquiring skills and knowledge to contribute to and transform both the financial and non-financial sectors in Africa and beyond.

The following can apply among other practitioners,

  • Development Finance Practitioners,
  • Civil Servants,
  • A staff of Development Finance Institutions,
  • A staff of Other Financial Institutions, Banks, Entrepreneurs, accountants,
  • A staff of NGOs,
  • Staff in the Private Sector among others.

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Course Duration:2 Years