BSc in Statistics and Data Science


The BSc. in Statistics and Data Science programme is designed to produce graduates who are well-acquainted with fundamental concepts and techniques in the field by exposing students to the three main disciplines of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. The interlinkage between Statistics and Data Science has seen a reinforced understanding of data from its origins, now including areas such as data architecture, data warehousing and management, data mining and data engineering.


In line with Strathmore University values of lifelong learning, excellence, service to society and ethical practice, the overarching objective of this program is to produce students who exhibit intellectual curiosity, have a cultivated commitment to life-long learning, have critical and evaluative skills to solve business, social, economic and overall policy problems in their communities and industries of practice and, do all this supported by ethical and philosophical foundations essential for personal and professional development.


Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Data Science

  1. An applicant for admission into the Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Data Science degree programme must satisfy one of the following minimum requirements:
      • Be a holder of KCSE (or equivalent examination) certificate with a minimum mean grade of B and a minimum grade of B+ in Mathematics and B- in English.
      • Be a holder of A-Level (or equivalent qualification) certificate, from an Examining Body recognized by the Academic Council of the University, with a minimum of two principal passes in Mathematics/Physics, Mathematics/Chemistry, Mathematics/Geography, or Mathematics/Economics.
      • Be a holder of any other qualification (with a strong mathematics base) accepted by the Academic Council of the University as equivalent to any of the above.
  2. An applicant who holds any of the qualifications 1(c) above may, at the discretion of the Academic Council, with recommendations from the Academic Board of SIMS, be exempted from a maximum of 49% of the course units.
  3. An applicant registered in another university recognized by the Academic Council may be allowed to transfer credit to the BSc. in Statistics and Data Science programme as per 2.7.2.
  4. Possession of the minimum entry requirement does not guarantee automatic admission to the Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Data Science degree programme.
  5. Recognition of prior learning:


Additionally, the program is designed to ensure that all courses are delivered with a practical hands-on approach that allows students to see how each concept feeds to a larger problem-solving capacity in varying domains such as finance, healthcare, biology, economics, marketing, etc.


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Course Duration:4 Years