BSc. Computer Networks and Cyber Security



The Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Cyber Security is a course that prepares learners to become specialists in the Computer Networking and Cyber Security industry.


Programme Objective

The programme is designed to meet the increasing demand in the marketplace for computer networking professionals with a wide knowledge of computer networks, mobile networks, cloud-based networks, emerging technologies, next generation networks and technical skills in information technology business management.


In addition to computer data networks, the programme prepares candidates to manage and secure linked computer systems and devices. In this regard, the candidates will be well prepared on systems security issues involving the analysis of computer systems – networks and applications – in order to assess their ability to protect against breach and disruption. They will also be equipped with skills on system security processes such as vulnerability assessment and auditing to identify points of risk and developing solutions to mitigate the risks.

Career Opportunities

1. Computer Networks and Security Architect.
2. Computer Networks and Systems Security Auditor.
3. Computer Networks and System Security Consultant.
4. Network and Computer Systems Administrator.
5. Data Communication and Security Software Developer.
6. Project Managers.
7. Vulnerability Assessor.

Entry requirements

A candidate must satisfy any one of the following minimum requirements:

a) Be a holder of KCSE (or equivalent examination) certificate with a minimum aggregate of B and a minimum of B in Mathematics.
b) Be a holder of KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes, and a minimum of a credit pass in Mathematics at KCE,
c) Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the Academic Council of the University as equivalent to any of the above.



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Course Duration:4 Years