Strathmore University Vacancies

Research Assistant – Office of the Dean

The job holder will be responsible for managing and enhancing the work of the Dean though the provision of Academic & Business Research Assistance, Proximate Executive Management, and Administrative Support and Coordinating the Execution of the responsibilities of the Dean’ Office.

Expiry : 10th June 2024

Editor-in- Chief – Strathmore University Press

The job holder will be responsible for ensuring that the Strathmore University Press is a leading publisher, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge fostering research and supporting the University’s goals.

Expiry : 14th June 2024.

Senior Grants & Proposal Manager

The job holder will be responsible for overseeing the process of securing funding through research grants.

Expiry : 14th June 2024

Executive Coach

To collaborate with Executives enrolled in our programs by providing personalized coaching to enhance their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and overall professional development.

Expiry : Friday, 14st June 2024.


The Council of Governors (COG) intends to carry out a needs assessment and develop a strengthening plan for the Council of Governors Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya & Disaster Risk Management (COG ASALs & DRM) committee to enhance its effectiveness in advocating for sustainable development of the ASALs. The proposed work is in partnership with USAID, Strathmore University, and other partners. This notice of funding opportunity aims to identify firms or a consortium of firms that can carry out this assessment. This work is expected to be carried out in an inclusive and collaborative way with COG and other stakeholders.

Expiry : Midnight, 28th June 2024