Strathmore University Ventures

Strathmore University Ventures (SUV) is an initiative of Strathmore University to connect the creativity and resources of its staff, alumni, students, and stakeholders to develop “without the box” innovative ideas to sustainable wealth-creating ventures. All proceeds from this project will go towards supporting Strathmore University initiatives including provision of student scholarships.


The SUV steering team has designed the Converting Ideas to Sustainable Innovations Project (CISIP).


Preference criteria for selecting among the submitted ideas


1.Linkage of the idea to Strathmore University’s mission, strengths, capabilities, opportunities, etc.

2. Indication on how to access resources required to implement the idea

3. Availability of the person submitting the idea to dedicate personal time and/or resources towards the implementation of the idea

4. Potential benefits expected from implementing the idea

5. An agreement that the ideas are submitted free of any conditions, expectations, and limitations on how Strathmore University can utilize the idea. SUV will acknowledge receipt of submitted ideas.

Interested in being a part of the SUV Ideas Selection Team?

Criteria for SUV Ideas Selection Team includes, among others,


1. Experience in the implementation of innovative ideas

2. Experience in managing a project from beginning to end

3. Experience in supporting or managing new companies e.g. as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, projects development/launch, etc.

4. Demonstrated “without the box” thinking – what have you done differently in the past?

5. Availability to donate about 2 hours per week to SUV Ideas Selection Team activities and Ideas implementation.

Responsibilities of SUV Ideas Selection Team members


1. Individually rank submitted ideas based on provided criteria

2. Participate in a group idea ranking meeting

3. Participate in selected ideas’ presentation meeting

4. Observe confidentiality during the idea’s selection process, decision, and implementation

5. Support the Selected Ideas Implementation Process


To nominate yourself, complete the Ideas Selection Team Nomination Form. We shall review the nominations received once a month.

Interested in submitting an idea to support Strathmore University?

To submit an idea, complete the Submit Your Idea Form. We shall review the ideas received once a month.

Current SUV Steering Committee Members

SUV Steering Committee Members are Strathmore University Staff.


If you have queries or needs clarifications, kindly write to us via email:

We welcome you to participate in converting ideas to sustainable innovations project (CISIP)

Dr. Edward Mungai

DVC (Planning and Development)
Strathmore University
: +254 (0) 703-034000/200/300 OR +254 (0) 730-734000/200/300

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NB: Please note that once you submit your business idea to SUV you are donating it to Strathmore University. Alternatively, you can incubate your business at @iBizAfrica or patent your idea at The Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT)
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