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Service Desk

ICT Client Service Desk

The ICT Client Service Desk is the first point of contact for all staff and students ICT related queries and requests for IT Services. We are a team of dedicated, specially trained analysts who aim to provide you with a friendly and professional first point of contact for technology related issues.

You are welcome to contact the Service Desk with any ICT related query. If you’re not sure whether to ring or not, then do. We will do our best to help.

Contacting the ICT Client Service Desk

The Service Desk contact details and opening times are:

Service Desk Phone Number: ext. 2236 / 2251 when calling using landline – internally and 0703034236 / 0703034251 when calling from your mobile phone or externally.

Note: Log ALL your ICT related incidences or requests to the ICT Client Services via email: support@strathmore.edu

Your incidence or request will be logged automatically and you will receive an automated email which includes your reference number. Please ensure that you include your username and an outline of the request you are making or the incidence you are reporting.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm

Weekend Opening Hours: Saturday, 9:00am – 5:00pm


If you are a member of staff at the University, we will ask for your user name as a means of identification when you call the Service Desk.


The first point of contact for the University Students is the Labs and Faculty Helpdesks. The lab assistants and the Faculty Helpdesks should be able to attend to your ICT queries. In the event that this first point of contact is unable to assist fully, you are advised to reach the ICT Client Services using the phone numbers and email provided above. Kindly note that you are advised to furnish your Student ID Number and Full Names for assistance. In some instances, your will be requested to show your School ID.

Comments and Feedback

If you have any comments to make about the quality of the service you have received from the Service Desk or wish to make a suggestion on how we can improve the service, then contact ictservices@strathmore.edu