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The Community Service Centre (CSC) of Strathmore University has organized a competition among the Strathmore University students who have completed or are completing their Service-Based Learning (SBL) in 2023. We would like to reward those projects undertaken as part of the SBL that best reflect Service to Society’s value.

In line with our 2023 theme, we want you to tell us how your SBL has helped or is helping improve the community where you have done it. We want you to tell us if you have helped them embed sustainability in what they do, raising their awareness of the threats and opportunities.

For those who are still doing their SBL, our advice is to work closely with the people in charge of your organization as they are the ones who understand the problems and the possible solutions. Perhaps you can help them improve in some small aspect, but you may dismiss their knowledge and experience at your peril. You will also need most of the information in the application form from them. So, work with them to make your application complete, truthful, and innovative.

Should you wish to enter the Service to Society competition, please write to csc@strathmore.edu using the enclosed application form.

The evaluation of the projects will have 2 stages:

  1. First, we will look at the application. Based on that we will select the best.
  2. We will call the ones shortlisted for an interview.

Up to 3 applications can receive a certificate plus Kshs 100,000 that will be available not for you but for the further improvement of the project. Cash will never be given to the individual or the institution concerned for their personal use. The money cannot be used to pay salaries or pending bills. We recommend that the funds be used for infrastructure, renovation, or the purchase of assets that would enhance the operations of the organization.

The final selecting committee will be formed by 2 CSC staff, 1 academic staff member, and 1 student representative appointed by the Student Council. If the committee does not think that any of the projects submitted has reached the desired standard, they may decide not to award anybody.

The projects will be evaluated with the following criteria:

  1. Governance (20%): how is the organization governed? Who owns it? What are the funding sources for the organization? Has it been recognized by the local or central government or any other body?
  2. Impact ( 20%): Mission/Objectives of the organization. Current/ongoing work/projects (including number of people who benefit from the organization). Goals for the near future. Measurement of success. How do they take care of People and Planet?
  3. Sustainability (20%): Do they keep accounts of their operations? Can we see the accounts for the past 2 years that they have? Would they mind sharing their 2023 budget if they have one? If there is a shortfall, how do they take care of it?
  4. Personal contribution ( 40%): what did you do in your SBL? Has it helped the organization in any significant way? Do you recommend it? Why?

Submission deadline:  30th June 2023 5 pm EAT.

Inquiries: Visit Community Service Centre, 3rd floor, Students Centre or email: csc@strathmore.edu

Note: Unless you say otherwise in your application, we assume that if you win the competition, you give SU the right to publish your application/project summary on the SU website and/or social media. Before publishing the story it will be sent to the organization for approval.

SBL Competition Application Form