Security Services


Safety & Security Department

The university is well aware of the need to secure the members of the university while they are on campus, as well as university property.

The Safety and Security department is responsible for ensuring security on campus, managing entrances and exits of the campus and all buildings. Such auxiliary services such as parking and emergency protocols also fall under the department.


There is ample parking available and it is on a first come first served basis.

A car pass is issued to each driver upon entrance into the university. This pass must be surrendered upon exit from the campus. Additionally, all parking signs must be observed as well as road/parking made available to all road users.

The university is not liable for theft of items in any vehicle while parked on university premises.

Lost & Found Items

Lost and found items are deposited at the Students Center building on third floor, in the security office where any owner seeking recovery of an item should check. A security protocol is followed to confirm identity/ownership before any item is released.

Any lost item should be immediately reported to any security desk. Found items can also be deposited at any desk located at the entrance of each building.

Safety Guidelines

If you become a victim/witness of crime on campus, kindly assist in investigations. Proactively make a report of any suspicious activity to any security desk(s) on campus for further action. Additionally, contact the security hotline given below.

Grievances: Should you have any grievance or experience a problem, or have a concern regarding treatment or procedure by any of the security staff, kindly contact the Security Department on the security hotline number 0733701111.

Emergency Contact Information

The first step in any emergency is to report the incident to Strathmore University Security Department on 0733 701 111.

Kindly give the following important information when contacting the security personnel for an immediate action:

  • What?
  • Who?
  • When?
  • Where?