Are you interested in practicing as a mediator or simply learning more about mediation? The Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre offers training aimed at equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge required for mediation. The training is conducted by seasoned international mediators and mediation trainers.

Why choose SDRC?

  1. Getting back to the basics. SDRC mediation trainings are tailored to reach individuals from all backgrounds. The content of the course covers mediation from its most basic to its most complex aspects in a simple language.
  2. Certified in 40 hours. The course is tailored to fit in all the key aspects of mediation into a 40 hour mediation course that allows busy professionals to attend the training. Participants receive full certification at the end of the training.
  3. Qualified trainers. SDRC ensures that its trainings are conducted by reputable and experienced trainers who have been successful in their practice in various jurisdiction. This gives the participants tried-and-tested techniques towards successful dispute resolution from a global perspective.
  4. Conducive learning atmosphere. The training sessions are offered in a friendly and relaxed environment fostering the exchange of ideas. Participants are encouraged to interact with their trainers and fellow participants throughout the duration of the training.
  5. Pocket-friendly; SDRC offers competitive rates for its training sessions. The rate includes meals, coffee, training materials and stationery throughout the training.
  6. Post training support: Individuals who have been trained and accredited as trainers by SDRC enjoy post-training coaching and guidance in the form of online materials and Continuous Professional Development sessions conducted regularly. Key skills and the challenges and opportunities presented by actual mediation practice are covered during the CPD sessions. This ensures that these SDRC qualified mediators are always at their very best in their business as mediators.

The last training was held between the 17th-23rd June 2015 and attracted participants from diverse professional backgrounds. Watch the video here to see what the facilitators and participants had to say about their experience at the training.

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