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Teaching and learning online is now the order of the day across different schools and faculties in the University. Lecturers and students alike are all in this together, working hand in hand to make the best out of these new times we find ourselves in. Notable was that all the online sessions scheduled for diploma courses have been conducted successfully. Schools held full faculty meetings (all online) during which lecturers were briefed on the coming semester. Additionally, schools conducted in-house training for their faculty and administrators in readiness for the April semester. Lecturers have continued to get online assistance from the Centre for Teaching Excellence. 

Life is a continuous learning experience and everyday presents an opportunity to learn something new. One such opportunity is that experienced by Caleb Kandagor, a lecturer in Ethics. Below is his candid online teaching and learning experience.

When I heard that I’ll have to teach online, I felt scared, in denial and uncertain. Initial training was on Skype. Frankly I didn’t like it; it seemed complicated for a fellow with rudimentary IT skills. I didn’t attend training on Zoom but a colleague trained me. It felt like a much safer option than the compact online training. For BBB – I self taught and am now adept in using it. A suggestion is to pair lecturers to train each other or have those already well versed with the tools offer others assistance. 

When I finally got online and started teaching: disaster, panic and heavy breathing. I forgot to mute their mics and even forgot how to share my screen. Luckily I informed them on WhatsApp that I had technical challenges; I then called a colleague who bailed me out.  We resumed class after 20mins.

The students laughed and commented, ‘this guy is new on this platform’. They’d been having online classes for two days prior to my class. Well, I admitted that I was new to this and was learning on the job. By the end of the class they were happy. 

Something interesting that happened. Students reprimanding their classmates and asked that they be disciplined –  those who were showing their videos or playing music while mics were on. We had great discussions on chat. Most preferred that to talking. I am enjoying the fact that students can participate in class discussions especially on chat. I want to master various ways of making online learning enjoyable and worth attending.

#stayhome #keepsafe #keeplearning #weareinthistogether

    1. Sports

    As always student affairs was a buzz with online activities. The sports teams are continuing with individual, private training. The hockey and the handball teams got featured in two media surveys this week on innovative ways athletes are using to train during this period of restrained movements. Gilly Okumu of the University’s  women’s hockey team was featured in the Standard Media survey and the handball team in the People Daily’s survey (to read the article, click here). We wish all our teams happy training. Additionally, we congratulate the Leos, Strathmore’s rugby team, for qualifying for the 2020-2021 Kenya Cup (to read the article, click here).


    Kenya Model United Nations club member registration is still open. Click on the registration link (https://forms.gle/yQv3v1bP9Rx5yZdr8) to begin the process.

    For more information, email us at kmun@strathmore.edu

    SUITSA club has taken the step to bring learning closer to students by providing free learning resources, certifications and support on emerging technologies.

    We have forged partnerships with IT players in Kenya and around the world to benefit the members of SUITSA. Our objective during this period and beyond will be to: Create awareness among students on the developments of ICT as well as groom and build IT talent in Strathmore University. We have several programs running from next week with the aim of bringing learning closer home, and making the students time worthwhile.

    1. Online Events

    This is our upcoming calendar of events: We welcome you to join us.

    Software engineering Introduction to WebDevelopment 11th & 18th/4/2020
    DevOPs 25/4/2020
    AI &ML Introduction to AI 2/5/2020
    Discover IBM watson 2/5/2020
    Buld chatbot 16/5/2020
    Image recognition -IBM watson 16/5/2020
    Project -Fraud detection system 30/05/2020
    IOT IoT Fundamentals 13/06/2020
    IoT Analytics 20/06/2020
    Design Thinking Design thinking 17th/06/202
    Professional skills Delivering quality work and collaborations 18th/04/202
    Technologies Events Date
    AI and ML Azure Cognitive Services 10th /April/ 2020
    Azure Cognitive Search 10th /April/ 2020
    Azure Machine Learning 1st May 2020
    Data Platform Power BI 24th/April/2020
    Azure Database for MySQL 8th May 2020
    Azure Database for PostgreSQL 8th May 2020
    Azure Cosmos DB 8th May 2020
    Power platforms 24th/April/2020
    Developer .NET 10th July 2020
    Python 12th June 2020
    .NET 5th June 2020
    C 19th June 2020
    Azure Azure IoT 5/29/2020
    Enterprise Integration 5/29/2020

    Click here to be part of this amazing program.


    Remember to follow  us on twitter @SUITSA_STRATH

    1. Orientation of new students

    Orientation: The preparation for student orientation scheduled for next week is complete. The continuing students orientation will be held first followed by that of the new students. The dates and times will be communicated to the various class email and social media groups. For the continuing students we look forward to welcoming you back and for the new students, welcome to Strathmore! We also look forward to having a wonderful experience being with you.

    Happy Easter!

Strategy Department


How has COVID 19 impacted our strategy?

COVID -19 has taught us the importance of building our capacity to be agile and to maintain the balance and capability to shift our focus, priorities, and resources to meet our changing circumstances. We must also evolve to become more resilient and develop the ability to withstand strong external forces, and continually engage in scenario planning, constructing and evaluating an array of options that offer a broader view of the landscape and possibilities for success.

During this time of uncertainty with regard to COVID 19 – our University values (SELF – SPEC) will continue to play a significant role as our key differentiator.  Our immediate focus is the value of personalized attention: We seek to provide an environment where students and stakeholders can receive individual and customized service and support. We should all strive to provide our staff, students as well as the community, personalized attention as we all try to survive these unprecedented times.

Just like other institutions, COVID-19 has also expedited the University’s timeline for digital transformation – and that’s not a bad thing. Digital transformation is one of the key cross-cutting issues in the updated strategic plan which was scheduled to be launched in March just before COVID-19 struck.  COVID -19 has also taught us that digital transformation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s not something to check off a list, but instead a mind-set that becomes part of the organization’s culture and experience. Our approach to transformation with that in mind will create a much more manageable transformation.

The Strategy and Quality Assurance office will reach out to departments to discuss their current strategies and implementation plans in light of COVID – 19 and the updated strategic plan of the University.


Alumni Office 


Following the signing of the agreement to use the Alumni Engagement Platform from Graduway, the alumni team has had numerous deliberations to plan the set-up and launch the platform.  The platform will be useful in maintaining connection and engagement with the alumni network during the COVID 19 pandemic.

A series of emails will be sent to the alumni to communicate the acquisition of the platform, the launch and to ask them to register on the platform.

The Alumni Office is working on relevant and timely virtual events for our alumni, given that it is no longer possible to have in-person events. The first event is scheduled for the week after Easter. Once confirmed the event links will be shared through the various channels.

 The Alumni Office will soon communicate the details of the upcoming online events.

Strathmore University Foundation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Strathmore University Foundation is working on a campaign that could solicit funds which will go a long way towards ‌supporting ‌financially‌ ‌challenged‌ ‌students‌ ‌and enable them ‌continue‌ ‌their‌ ‌studies‌. The funds will also assist the Macheo Initiative ‌and‌ ‌front-line‌ ‌healthcare‌ ‌workers‌ ‌affected‌ ‌by‌ ‌the‌ ‌illness.

SUMC Pharmacy Delivery Services

Strathmore University Medical Centre is now able to service your prescriptions for medication and any of your pharmaceutical needs at the safety and convenience of your home in 3 easy steps.

  1. Send an image of your valid prescription via email to pletoya@strathmore.edu or as a WhatsApp message  to 0722 917 475
  1. The cost of your prescription will then be communicated to you for your payment either through:
  2.       PAYBILL NO: 1002018  | ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1002018
  3.   By sending an email/ WhatsApp or SMS to the above number for your approval if you are using your insurance stating your full names, name of the insurer and your health insurance number.
  4.       We will then dispatch your medication using your preferred mode of delivery.

We will take your orders from 9:00 am -2:00 pm for same-day delivery

For more information about the services and any other queries you can reach us 

Tel: 0722 917 475 or Email: sumedicalcenter@strathmore.edu or Website: https://sumc.strathmore.edu/ 

Like most departments within SU, the Research and Innovation division remains online and operational. To obtain any services, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Grant Management

The University subscribes to Research Beeline (https://www.researchbeeline.com/), a dedicated grants portal. You may register onto it to identify grant opportunities. For further assistance, you may contact the office through research@strathmore.edu.

2.Research Brown Bag Sessions

Brown Bag sessions have been moved online and can now host more participants than the traditional format. If you wish to receive invitations to sessions, just sign up here.

Upcoming sessions this month include:

  1. April 14th: “Programme for Family Development Data Trends on Marriage & Parenting 2012-2019” by Raymond Mutura (SBS).
  2. April 15th: “Challenges of assimilation of e-Health systems in healthcare: insights from Activity Theory” by Patrick Shabaya (FIT)
  3. April 28th: “Exploring the nature of virtue and the possibility of transmitting virtue in Plato’s Meno.” by Esther Kariuki (SHSS)

3. 2020 Research and Innovation Conference

This event will take place from 2nd to 6th November, 2020 and plans continue apace. The call for papers is still open, and submissions may be made at this link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=suric2020.

4.Research Ethics Review

The secretariat may be reached through ethicsreview@strathmore.edu.

5.Researcher Profiles

The University subscribes to the ORCID (https://orcid.org/) platform. All research staff are reminded to create and update their profiles.