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Whistleflare: Mobile app to help find lost phones

Kevin Omyonga, a third year student, Bachelor of Business in Information Technology (BBIT) and a graduate of Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) in Strathmore University has a keen interest in programming. His ideas for applications are not only applicable to every day incidences, but are quite practical as well.


During one of the semester breaks one December, he needed to occupy his holiday constructively, since he couldn’t get an internship. He noticed that his mother often misplaced her phone, in the handbag, in different rooms in the house, and efforts to find it were always frantic and sometimes fruitless. An idea occurred to him; an app using skills learnt in java programming to help her find it.


Just four intense days, and voila, he had an app that can be used in android platforms, to sort out his mum. One only needs to whistle at a phone, and it will ring using its default ring-tone! Kevin uploaded this application on the Appstore from where it can be downloaded for free. The application has an option of clapping for those who do not know how to whistle.


Kevin is yet to capitalize and make some cash out of this idea and many other apps that he has developed, partly because there is a tendency for people to doubt that the application works. He admits that he is still thinking of a marketing angle for his apps.


He is currently vying for the Academic Representative position in the upcoming Students Council Elections. True to his style, he has also developed an app with his profile linked to his face book page, which Strathmore students can access to read his manifesto and ideas of how to better the academic issues and concerns of the students.


Upon completion at Strathmore, Kevin aspires to run his own software company and be a great employer in future.


Check out the Whistle Flare App for android. Download it today from: http://goo.gl/Aovgtl


We wish Kevin all the best in his endevours.