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When Seven Seas Technologies came to Strathmore

It isn’t every day that one gets the chance to glance into the future and choose the best path to take in order to arrive at a desired destination. It is said if you don’t know where you are heading to, any road might as well take you there. Finding the means and path to reach that destination are questions many students haven’t found the answer to. But what if there was a roadmap or a guideline? How much easier would it be to reach that destination?


Seven Seas technologies came along and created that sense of direction to many students of Strathmore University late last year; this was the much needed career path in IT under the auspices of the ‘K4Life’ initiative.


The Knowledge for Life program dubbed ‘K4Life’ is a CSR initiative by Seven Seas Technologies aimed at bridging the gap between the University ICT curriculum and industry needs at entry level. Through this program, well-selected top IT students are educated, trained and mentored on the different service and product offerings available in the market to enable them to make informed decisions on their future career choices. In addition, the program contributes to the market, a talent pool of skilled resources. 


Due to the impact the program has had in assisting IT students in choosing career path, recent K4Life graduates from Strathmore University thought that this noble program should benefit a lot of students and not just the selected few who are chosen to participate in the program. They needed to come up with a program that would sum up the whole six week course into a single day, hence the idea of an SST Career Day was born. 


Students streamed into the venue as early as 8.15am and it would have been confused to be a normal lecture due to the students’ punctuality despite the chilly weather. The venue was filled by 9.30am to the surprise of the visitors. The day was packed with intense training on the various services that SST offers and the career path available for IT students to pursue.


The presenters from SST were simply amazing and brought out pertinent issues and answered many questions from the eager audience. Participants received branded pens, branded notepads and folders from the different companies under SST such as Bring, Hakken, Intelligent Infrastructure and Knowledge Transfer Center (KTC).


To crown it all, the hashtag ‘#SSTcareerday’ was the No. 1 trending topic in Kenya on Twitter at some point during the day. Participants with the most tweets walked away with branded SST polo shirts. Cash prizes were on offer for individuals who were keen and answered questions from the presenters. The day came to a close with a networking session between 25 staff members from SST and the students held at Student’s center building.


Many students were able to take a step in identifying which career paths they should take. Not just taking any step, but taking a step, the SST Way!


Special thanks Brenin Maloba, Daniel Mainye, Sharon Kapten, Catherine Njau and the whole SST team for their support, Mr. Nicodemus Maingi and the Faculty of FIT, K4Life graduates for their dedication and sacrifice and participants who graced the event.


Written by Jamal Mohamed 4th year BBIT