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Welcome on Board

From bottom left by row: Mercy, Esther, Mercy Kendi, Sharon, Lavendar, Shamel, Faith taking a selfie during the ladies new staff induction.

On 3rd June, 2019 a group of 20 staff left the university driven by our able ‘Papa’ for the new staff induction seminar at quiet and serene Tigoni Study Centre. Various departments were represented: Admissions, Cafeteria, Human Resource, @iLab, Mentoring Services, Strathmore University Medical Centre, Strategy and Quality Assurance, Strathmore University Business School and University Relations and Communication. The staff actively participated in full-day sessions which included; talks, sports, movie sessions, mass, confessions, and of course meals which were very timely and sumptuous.

The training covered diverse areas each of which was delivered by different speakers from the university. One of the sessions was on mentoring where Celestine Kanjama, the Ag. Manager, Mentoring Services, detailed the mentoring process, motivation and expectations. She clearly articulated the essence of mentoring and made a call to the team to volunteer to be mentors.

The other area of key interest was service to society which was very well covered by Christina Garashie, Manager, Alumni Relations. She brought to our attention the broader perspective of service to society as one of the pillars of the university, not forgetting the community service projects carried out by the Community Service Centre. The call to action was that each one of us should at individual levels do something to make our society a better place.

Our spiritual growth was also well covered through the chaplaincy. Fr. Charles Mundia, Head of Chaplaincy who spoke to us on the importance of sanctification of work, embracing holiness in a way that gives right to other virtues and the different chaplaincy activities held at Strathmore University. Fr. Mundia was also kind enough to deliver mass when he visited. The day ended on a pretty high and participative note with Dr. Catherine Dean, Senior Lecturer School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) speaking to us on how to practice freedom and responsibility in the work place.

These attention-drawing talks were delivered together with other supporting audio and visual material. These included videos on the history of Strathmore University and on development of the human person.

On the final day, one of the speakers Roy Were, the Director Strategy and Quality Assurance – Strathmore University Business School helped us differentiate personalities and temperaments, while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each for purposes of complementing each other at the work place. He concluded by demonstrating to us what it is like to achieve excellence at work. Mr. Ian Wairua, Lecturer & Head of Oriental Languages, SHSS, followed closely with very contemporary issues on iLife. He took a different but rather essential approach to how we can use technology to our advantage while cautioning us on the iDangers of technology and social media.

Our last talk was done by Dr. Alfred Kitawi- Director, Doctoral Academy on the topic, Critical Mind- Research and Innovation in Africa. He emphasized on the need for a critical and creative mind and also introduced a fascinating concept known as “futures thinking”.

There were many key lessons but one lesson was the basis of them all. Work with the greatest love.

Thank you Strathmore University for ensuring this new staff induction took place. Special thanks to Celestine, Human Resource and Tigoni Study Centre for their outstanding hospitality throughout the seminar.


This article was written by Lavender Okore, a Graduate Assistant at Strathmore University Business School studying a Master in Commerce.


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