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University Speaking Show

Our institutions of higher learning are considered as spheres of excellence. The challenges that seem to engulf the nation of Kenya can easily be handled by engaging our institutions of learning proactively in the search for tangible solutions.


University Speaking show, seeks to be that platform that will provide an opportunity where ideas and solutions can be presented and analyzed, ready for execution. The show envisions an era when university graduates will stand out as credible and solution-minded citizens, with the country at heart. The notion of ‘half-baked graduates’ is only an illusion that the show will seek to disapprove.



The show will engage all university students who have ideas and solutions to topical issues facing the country. The students will be expected to present practical, logical and well-researched solution based ideas. Apart from sharing ideas, students will be required to exhibit professionalism in their manner of presentation. This will create a firm example to the Kenyan populace in regards to airing grievances and engaging in national dialogue.

The show will be realized in three divisions. Each division will have three levels. Qualification to the next division will be determined by a panel of judges.


Division 1


Level 1

There will be auditions in each university. The auditions are open to all students. Each student will have a maximum of 5 minutes to give their speech on any subject of their choice. After this session, shortlisted students will be called in for the second round of the auditions.


Level 2

Short-listed students will be given random themes to prepare their speeches. The speeches will be assessed by the panel of judges and two final students will be picked for the final level.


Level 3

The remaining two students will be given a theme to prepare their final speeches.  They will be given time to consult other students and research on the same. Finally, after their speeches, the top student will be picked, for the next division.


Division 2


All the top students will be taken to an academy that will be facilitated by The East African Centre for Public Speaking. The students will be taught on how to prepare and present speeches, ready for the finals.


Level 1

All the students will be given random themes to prepare their winning speeches. This time round, viewers will be part of the judging panel by voting through an SMS line – 20058. However, the final word will come from the judges with close consideration of the viewers’ decisions.


Level 2

The top three will be given one theme to work on. They will also be given time for research. Once they present their speeches, the top two will move to the final level.


Level 3

The two remaining students will be given one final theme to work on. The judges and the viewers will vote and the top student will be awarded.


Division 3

Community Projects

The top student will be a brand ambassador in community projects that will be realized through the ideas shared throughout the show.