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Trust the Process, Believe in Yourself and Make it – Strathmore Alumna Rose Kokonya

Strathmore University School of Hospitality and Tourism alumna, Rose Kokonya, explored her passion for baking as a student, a skill she has since pursued as a career.


Rose graduated with a 2nd class upper in June of 2015, and is grateful for the opportunities and skills presented while at Strathmore, where she studied a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.


Describe your career path since graduation…

While preparing to graduate, I wanted to undertake the Sarova Management Training Program, a program I had applied for and attended two interviews before I realized it may not necessarily be what I am after. I was called for a third interview and by then I had decided I will not pursue the course further.

The reason my interests changed may have been because of my passion for baking, which I was trying to secure as a lucrative business while undergoing the interviews.


I had started baking while studying at Strathmore. I would sell the cakes to my close friends and relatives and I felt that this was actually what I really desired to do. With the support from my mother, I went into baking full time from home, using the profit I got from each cake to buy the equipments I needed to progress the business. By 2015 the business had grown significantly and I was excited to push it further.


I am currently working on officializing the business and relocating due to the increase in demand.

What does the baking job entail?

My job entails baking cakes and cupcakes depending on the client’s choice from my menu. I also decorate the cakes according to the client’s preference. I do deliveries upon requests. I also engage in balancing of the accounts for the business at the end of every month.


Do you enjoy Baking?

Yes. I enjoy every minute of it. Despite the crazy working hours and sometimes having to stand all day, I would choose baking over and over again. The grace of God and the really great responses I receive from my clients keep me going.


What do you apply from Strathmore University in your day to day activities?

I would say almost everything I learnt from Strathmore has informed my work as a baker. From food production to accounting to customer service to entrepreneurship skills to business ethics, the list is endless.


Do you plan to further your studies?

At the moment I have no plans to further my studies, unless it is in baking and pastry mastering so as to learn some of the more advanced methods of baking and pastry work.

What would you advise students on pushing through in their passions?

Go for what you believe in, what you’re passionate about. The process may not be all rosy but if it is really what was meant to be, it will be. Trust the process, believe in yourself and you will make it, in whatever you set your mind to by the grace of God.