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Transforming life through movement

The most frequently asked question is whether dancers are born or made. Dancing with your feet is one thing. Dancing with your heart, is another. So, were you born to dance or made to dance? I guess the decision lies in your hands.

Here at Strathmore University, students not only excel at academics but also never fail to prove the immense talent that lies within every Stratizen. However, talent and effort are nothing without focus and determination! As we, the founders, place the stepping stones of a legacy, we strive not only to extract the passions and skills but also to fight for excellence and perfection that form the roots of our foundation.

The ability to pull every race, tribe, culture, gender, profession, size, age, skill, dream and passion into one big family at Strathmore University, is our motto- “Unity in Diversity!”. We aim to unite all of these different people through dance and create a movement like never before, a movement that speaks through music and movements, rather than just mere words.

Who said because you are chubby and almost a lawyer, you can’t dance? Who said because you are an IT expert with a first-class degree you can’t embrace the dance side of you? Oh yes you can, but only if you will it to be so.

“I have two left feet!”, you claim.

“Anybody Can Dance!” I affirm.

Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. The art of possessing the power to impress and express lies within the beats of your moves. It not only instils discipline, creativity and persistency, but also a great way to relieve stress, keep fit and have some fun. We intend to direct energy, accumulated from academic pressure, to create a discipline and commitment towards a fun activity out of the class norms.

When life calls the tune, we put music to our troubles and we dance them away. Don’t look at your feet to see if you are doing it right. Let go and just dance.


 Bhavina Maru , Jesse Kihumba

Strathmore Dance Crew President , Vice President.