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Top KCSE Student Samuel Njoroge Receives an FIT Merit Scholarship

Samuel Njoroge Gitau who scored straight A’s in all the subjects in KCSE to earn an A of 84 points is one of the students admitted for a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computer Science in the Faculty of Information Technology, Strathmore University.  Samuel was not only top in his class at Mang’u high school but also in the basketball school team, qualities that earned him the Strathmore University Merit Scholarship. 


Are you naturally an A student?

I read harder for the subjects I feel am not very good at. Subjects like geography are not my strongest, so I have to read. With the subjects that I love which are all the rest, including Kiswahili, I enjoy reading to be better.


What drives you to work hard and be at the top?

The fact that I sit down and imagine my future with a big house and a big car; I then encourage myself to work hard to attain them. 


When did you develop these desires?

I developed these desires when I was young. I got the ideas from movies, especially when I saw how successful people live and how their riches would help needy people. This encouraged me to want to have the same. Also looking at big shots like Bill Gates who have so much and give so much. I strive to have an equivalent of what he has, and even go higher and help people with that.


Who is your role model?

I used to look up to Michael Joseph but I don’t hear much of him lately.

So I look up to NBA player Stephen Curry; he rose from his adversities and managed to be successful. He was last season’s MVP, a level one would not imagine he would achieve considering his small stature. This just goes to show that all things are possible.


Did you want to come to Strathmore?

I thought about coming to Strathmore when in high school, but I was not certain. However, when the basketball coach from Strathmore had come to our school and saw me play, he urged me to apply to Strathmore and see if I can get a sports scholarship.


Though I got a merit scholarship, I still plan on playing basketball.


How did you learn about the Scholarship?

Our Career teacher at Mang’u high school informed us about the scholarships around June, after our results were out. I told my parents about it and they pushed me to apply though I was hesitant because some of my friends told me that many people had applied; I didn’t think I would get it. Am glad I heed to my parents plea because my application was successful.


What were the Interview Questions like?

We did a written test and an oral test. After I passed, I got called for the scholarship interview where we discussed my goals and why I would want this scholarship.


What are your goals and Plans for this period of study?

I told them that I would work hard to graduate with a 1st class honors. Then I successfully get a job in a great company like Safaricom, I work hard and rise through the ranks to become the CEO.


Why do you think you stood out from the many other applicants?

My grades must have been the number one reason, and my strong will to perform better.


What are your future plans once you attain your degree?

I would love to use my 1st class honors to get another scholarship to do my Masters and get 1st class honors, then use that to get a scholarship to do my PhD. By age 30 I hope to have finished my PhD.


How will you balance Sports and School Work to achieve the best especially in your studies?

I plan on studying hard, being very attentive in class and avoid procrastination. I think these will be key to being excellent and still having time to play sports.




Samuel’s father, Mr. Gitau Njoroge, was very happy for his son’s award. I am thankful to God about this scholarship because paying the school fees at Strathmore would have been a bit of a challenge. This scholarship was God sent. Am glad we pushed him to apply. My son is a very determined boy, and when he sets his mind to achieving anything he goes for it. He got his brains from his mother and myself. I have no doubt he will do a great job while here.


We wish Samuel the best in his Strathmore journey.