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Top KCSE Performer Felix Onkundi – There is no Shortcut to Success

18 year old Felix Nyabuto Onkundi scored straight A’s in all his subjects apart from English where he attained a B+, in the 2015 KCSE national examinations. This he feels is shocking, considering his straight A’s spree in all subjects including all sciences.


The 2nd born in a family of five children is elated by this grades regardless, attributing the great achievement to hardwork and working smart.  


Relying on the motto: There is no shortcut to Success, Felix worked hard and ensured he did his very best at all times, and this has rewardingly paid off.

Are you an ‘A’ student?

I was always a top student, but hardwork and motivation from my dad made me get these grades. He would advise me to work hard and work smart.


I would wake up at 4am to study before preps time at 5. In our cubes, we had a table with a study bulb we could use without disturbing the rest of the cube mates.


Health is paramount to me, therefore on weekends especially, to keep my mind active, I would indulge in morning or evening jogs to relieve stress.

What was your source of motivation?

Apart from my dad’s guidance and motivation, the desire to have a bright future motivated me. My uncle would always tell me there is no shortcut to success, which became my motto.


At Lenana School, where I studied, we had all the facilities required which made studying easy. Our teachers would also spare their time to teach us further, and help us with our questions.

What line of study are you thinking of pursuing?

Although am studying CPAs now under Strathmore School of Accountancy, I intend to undertake a Bachelor of Commerce and major in finance, or study Actuarial Science. I love mathematics and the financial aspect to it, and I would love to further my business knowledge.


CPA is an added advantage to any degree, and is applicable in many fields. That is why I chose to study it.

I am glad to be studying at Strathmore so far, I understand that graduates from this university are marketable. This is why I want to study my degrees here, to me Strathmore is the best.

What do you do in your spare time?

Outside of studying, I love swimming, reading and researching. I love researching on current affairs, knowledge is power.

What do you feel will push you to Excel in University?

We need financial accountability. From the statistics we keep receiving, corruption is major. I would love to pursue finance so that I can correct this issue in some way. World Bank rated Kenyan people as unhappy, due to corruption, therefore I believe getting that finance knowledge will be key to helping out with this issue.

What would you advise highschool students to perform better?

Do your best, don’t produce mediocre grades. Be the best in class, be the best in extracurricular activities, be the best with your interactions. Just strive to be the best at all times. 



Congratulations Felix on this great achievement!