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This World is for the Youth – His Excellency Ban Ki Moon

Former Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki Moon urged distinguished guests, students and staff members of Strathmore University, to value human rights, care for nature and uplift the youth and women, contributing greatly to sustainable growth in the society.


He made an address during the Africa Finance and Investment Forum (AFIF) Conference, on Wednesday 15th February 2017, where His Excellency was scheduled to give a keynote speech.


During his speech, H. E Ban Ki Moon highlighted on the value of human life, stating that during his tenure, he worked hard to ensure death penalties were abolished; a matter that majority of the member states of the United Nations have adopted with very few countries yet to adopt it.


His Excellency also discussed the importance of world leaders coming together to fight terrorism, an aspect that is affecting many parts of the world currently. Much as the situation may look discouraging, H.E Ban Ki Moon urged for unity that could push this fight to reality.


“This world is for the young people, but youth unemployment is our biggest problem. Young people can make a difference, and I will spend my time helping the youth to become better leaders. Investing 1% on education will increase GDP by 0.03%,” H. E Ban Ki Moon stated as he addressed Strathmore students.


To conclude his address, His Excellency urged everyone to work at empowering women and children, advising that through these efforts, the world would change to a better place. “We can harness the power of young people by giving them the opportunities. We must make sure that the 65 million children who are out of school are placed in an educational institution,” H.E Ban Ki Moon concluded.


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