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The voice of a 21st-century woman: Wonders of a woman conference


The marked transformation caused by Covid -19 in the means of delivery and attendance of conferences and webinars has had a majority of people learning how to be more tech-savvy and shifting to online delivery of information. The Wonders of a Woman conference was held virtually on the 8th of March, 2021, a day set aside to take a pause and celebrate the milestones achieved by women worldwide.

The conference organized by the Student Council was graced by guest speakers Nimu Karangu, Chartered Financial Analyst, Investment professional and credit officer, and Joan Fanaka, Head coach of Alabastron Network Trust, and co-author of the manual for the Princess Princessa programme. With well over fifty participants, the conference delivered positive insights for the young African woman on what she should stand for and to be proud of her identity as a woman. To actualize change, the journey needs to be taken step by step, bringing everyone for it and against it on board. Among the participants were a few men who actively took part in the activities present and peered into life through a woman’s perspective.

Why celebrate women’s day?

‘Every day is a women’s day, to begin with. Champion yourself and celebrate being a woman daily’ is Joan Fanaka’s perspective on what women’s day is. Through life, women learn to be quite dynamic, they wear many hats in society; a one-size-fits-all role of a mother, a sister, a breadwinner, a wife, a mentor, an employee, or an employer. On this day, women get to give themselves and each other a pat on the back for having accomplished certain milestones that were unheard of a few centuries back..

Questions have been raised though; is it all about cheering feminism? If we solely view it from that perspective, we overlook the substantial impact the modern woman has made. ‘By empowering a woman, we empower a child. By educating a girl child, we make it possible for her to grow up to become an empowered woman.’ – Winnie Byanyima.

Who is Udada?

Alabastron, founded by Laimani Bidali, sets to equip and encourage women to identify and overcome self-defeating patterns and live purposefully and significantly. The programmes take the woman on a soul-searching mission to help her identify where she could have lost herself, where she could have felt hurt, helping her spew out all her bitterness, resentment, anger, and areas of unforgiveness. She is then coached on developing healthy self-esteem and defining and communicating healthy boundaries.

To the woman of tomorrow

“Be intentional, find your voice and keep your voice, do not let others disqualify your ambitions.’The need for education has opened doors to different opportunities. With or without connections, hard work pays off. As a woman, know yourself, know what you want. You need to find a mentor  for mental and career growth in your journey,’ Nimu Karungu states, ‘professional mentors and sponsors can change the trajectory of your life completely.”


This article was written by Anna Jessica Munya, a second year Bachelor of Commerce student.


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