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The beauty of the actuarial craft

The future is a matter of planning, something that members of the Strathmore Actuarial Students Society (SASS) are well aware of. According to them, the “You only Live Once” (YOLO) theory is not mathematically grounded. Realistically the next moment is as real as the present; hence, their advice is, live like there is a tomorrow.

Their passion for the actuarial craft that takes shape in mathematical formulas and figures has seen its members organise themselves into a vibrant outfit. They source for funds to support members to sit for their actuarial papers and achieve their ambitions to acquire the elusive actuary status.

Besides that, SASS has managed to achieve other accolades and prestige in the world of actuarial sciences, at local, regional and international platforms. Their product, “Jipange Msee” won at the Actuarial Students Society of Kenya (ASSK).

In this coming September the “Strath 007” team, which is made up of four SASS members will participate in the International Quant (IQ) Championship in Singapore. Where they qualified as the only African representative. The IQ Championship is a competition where the participants engage themselves in simulated scenarios that involve application of mathematical analytics.

The competition is organised by the World Quant organisation. The driving principle behind the competition is that “talent is statistically distributed around the globe but opportunity is not.”

“Strath 007” is an illustration of this powerful statement.

In spirit of healthy competitiveness, the SASS registered for the competition in the month of May and they were one of the 3000 participants from 500 universities representing a total of 56 nations. They then qualified for the second stage of the IQ championships. After gaining some momentum from the previous stage and utilising some needed elbow grease, they successfully qualified for the final stage in Singapore where they will be up against six other finalists.

Opportunities are everywhere but it requires a keen eye to identify them. With eyes as sharp as razors, the SASS community has managed to identify opportunities and make the best of them.

We wish them all the best as they continue to shine globally.

If you would like to share your victorious story, kindly email us at:

communications @strathmore.edu