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The 4 Steps to Winning a Strathmore University Student Council Election

The Strathmore University student council campaigns are something I wish I could be a part of all over again. This confession rests entirely on the availability of equitable playing grounds for the contestants, built on the strong University pillar of equality among all people.

Winning a Strathmore student council election is hard work. It will cost you time and require careful planning. Often times, many students who intend to take on a student leadership position have approached me, to ask me of my opinion/guidance on how one can win.  Do you know what I tell each one of them? Anyone with great ideas can win the student’s election. The journey of such greatness begins with the small steps like the most popular one- that is the decision to lead positive change.

I must caution you not to put your central focus on how much the campaign will cost, and whether one is wealthy enough to run and cater for a full campaign team.

I therefore wish to indulge you with four major points to note as you take on this campaign journey;

1.       Disregard the Negative or Pessimistic views

If you would love to run for office, you’re going to interact with a lot of people who tell you it can’t be done, and that you shouldn’t even bother running for office. Just ignore them.

The ingredient is, it is not your concern what other people think – what matters is what you think and how hard you are willing push.

2.      Work Hard.

You will win because you are willing to work, willing to communicate to the students, share your manifesto when called upon to, and repeat this over and over again.

3.      Step outside Your Comfort Zone and understand the rules!

If you want to win the elections be willing to be uncomfortable. Your first campaign for student council office will have most of you be a little uncomfortable, Get through it, and get on with the business of fighting for what you think is right.

4.      Obey the rules!

Do not forget the rules regarding conduct during elections, have them at your fingertips. Maintain allocated time frames and do not give reason for anyone to question your aspiration. This will give you a smooth campaign and election victory.


All the best aspirants, go win and become the best for the 9th Student Council!!!

Daniel Ochieng – President Student Council 2016 -2017