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Tackling School Leadership by the horn: STEP


On 4th May 2021, the Tanzanian president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, touched ground on Kenyan land for her two-day state visit. In her speech in parliament, she stated how she emphasizes watching the Kenyan parliamentary proceedings – they are comical. A large percentage of Kenyans are not well vast in our national language, Kiswahili. Even though we have normalized it and give an audience a good laugh off the speakers struggle to compose a sentence, it is often embarrassing.

If we ask individuals where the problem arises, many are times fault will be placed on the teacher, drawing attention to how crucial a teachers role is in personal growth and the long-run development of a nation.

The Strathmore Institute of Management and Technology (SI) has organized a course to focus on school leadership. A webinar in line with this was held on 3rd May 2021 to give potential learners a feel of what the course wholly entails. The webinar also doubled as a graduation ceremony for the outgoing April cohort.

Staying on top of our game

A modest, self –effacing introduction of the programmes facilitator’s kick-started the webinar. Having each state their roles and opinion on what the program is ready to present to the learners. ‘Academic performance is tremendously important. We are going to be showing how the creation of school culture has an impact on grades and results,’ Ms. Margaret Roche, Director of Teacher Enhancement Program, said.

Well-rounded leadership roles are sine qua non in every institution/team. Anthony Wambugu, Head of School of accountancy, stated, “Head teachers need a variety of skills. Some researches have been done and indicated a gap in financial management, financial strategy, and financial control. Though most financial responsibilities rest on bazaars and accountants, the overall responsibility rests with the head teacher himself. The course will, therefore, be taking us through various ways we can up our game. Exploring issues on budgeting and the quality of information.’

Topping up on this, Angelica Kiboro, the SI Principle highlights why teachers need to go beyond the basic facts, “It is certainly proper to have adequate knowledge on the subject matter but, it is not adequate. A teacher forms students on several levels; elementary (mental level), emotional level, moral level and, spiritual level – whether ascribed to the same faith or not. The greatest attribute of the teacher being, the ability to develop and train a student. Followed by assuring them that they can fit in the society with all they have learnt.’ The teacher certainly has a gorilla-sized role in society at large.


The graduating class, a well-prepared team all eager to learn, gave the trainers and facilitators a delightful time taking them through the enlightening course. Similarly, the learning teachers admitted to having enjoyed the entire experience. ‘It could not have been better. The integration of relevant video content, future referencing materials and a trip to the Maasai Mara made the experience all-encompassing, fun,’ an alumnus stated.

One who stood out was Ms. Maria Mullei, who successfully undertook all five courses on offer in April 2021. ‘I have come to understand that it is the teacher who creates the learning process. There is a need to understand the different personality traits of the students, ourselves and fellow teachers to work as a team and apply the three different theories of discipline; cognitive, constructive, behavioural, according to the situation. We are now well equipped with skills on how to teach better.’ Ms. Mullei says.

The course certainly offers a bespoke learning experience tailored to change the world by changing the teaching profession to meet the needs of learners. In May 2021, Strathmore University Teacher Enhancement Program (STEP) will be running two courses hand-in-hand from the 17th – 28th of May, 2021; Successful Headship and How to Run Successful Day Schools.

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This article was written by Anna Jessica Munya.


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