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Sylvia Muriithi in the World of Internship

Getting internships for many students proves to be a daunting task, but for Sylvia Muriithi a former Bachelors of Commerce – Finance Option student, she was privileged to intern at World Youth Alliance.


 She had this to say about her experience, “I remember joining World Youth Alliance as a shy person and one of my first assignments was going to a High school in Murang’a and speaking to the students about the company and the importance of human dignity. However, over and above the level of confidence I acquired during the internship, I also got an opportunity to meet many people and make connections through the meetings I attended.”


Apart from speaking to different institutes about the company, Sylvia was also required to carry out a dignity project of her own specifications; with this in mind she came up with, Japanese culture meets mentorship Program. The main idea of the program was to introduce the Japanese Cultural activities to the children at Kwetu Home of Peace, which is a rehabilitation centre for street children. To ensure sustainability, the cultural activities incorporated were also included in the mentorship program carried out by the Community Outreach Program (C.O.P) in Strathmore University.


The cultural activities chosen included; origami (art of paper folding), calligraphy, Japanese games, Anime watching (Japanese cartoons) and Buddo film (which is a film on Japanese fighting systems based on former arts, but which emphasize- personal, ethical and spiritual development as the ultimate goal of training.)


The programs were made to be both theoretical and practical for the children, this ensured that they have a fun learning experience and thus a higher retention of the lessons learnt. Some of the activities learnt such as origami was hoped to add to their creativity as well as cognitive reasoning skills. The entire project was aimed at changing the mindset of the current children and the future children who pass through the rehabilitation center every 4 months, enabling them to experience a new culture


To perfect her skills, Sylvia also engaged in a training program. “I also had the chance to train with the world youth alliance through the Track A training they offer whose readings had so much to impact on my life. Track A training which I am currently undergoing helped me order my thinking as well as have my priorities in life in check as it emphasized the need to live selflessly and ask yourself what you as an individual can do to help the people around you given the talents and skills you have acquired all through the learning process. The internship at the World Youth Alliance all in all was very fun and it would be amazing if every young person had the chance to work in an organization as enriching as the World Youth Alliance before they actually joined the job market.”


Her experience was wholistic and very knowledgeable, one that she would recommend all students to engage in.


We wish Sylvia the best in her endeavors.