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SU Convocation: #Classof2025 – Be Curious to Learn


Do you remember the first time you stepped foot on campus? What was it like on your first day at school? The new surroundings? New faces? Let’s bring the question closer home… remember searching where Lecture Theater two (LT 2) was while you walked from class to class in the Management Science building (MSB)? What’s this eutopia they call an Oval building? bet it was nerve-wrecking but quite exciting… right?

Enough with the reminiscences. On a very chilly and rainy December morning, the Strathmore family gathered at the Graduation Square to welcome the new members through a colorful ceremony presided over by the Strathmore Greats including Dr. Ogutu, the Vice Chancellor Designate, Mrs. Musundi, the Chair of the University Council, Mr. Paul Ochieng, the Dean of Students, and Rev. Dr. Fr. Silvano Ochuodho, the Pro Chancellor.

The auspicious occasion befittingly marked the induction of the freshmen and the #Classof2025 and proverbially gave them the golden key to their futures, a narrative that will be repeated when they gather at the same Square for graduation, four years from now. Themed black and white, the #SUConvocation of the #Classof2025 symbolized new beginnings and experiences as they pursue their respective academic careers at this model institution.

Rev. Dr. Father Silvano Ochuodho, the Pro-Chancellor, reminded the #Classof2025 to stay true to the SU motto “Ut omnes unum sint” – “That all may be one” by diligently serving society and one another. He encouraged them to desire to work together towards the same aim, despite personal differences of opinion, tastes and backgrounds. His clarion call, “Embrace the feel of humanity!”

Your blank canvas…

As you begin this journey as a Stratizen, picture it as a blank slate. How and what will you fill it with? How will it look when you toss your graduation cap in 2025? Will the world see a masterpiece? Or will you still remain a blank canvas? What do you envision your future looking like? Point to ponder…

Driving home similar sentiments, Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor Designate, urged the new members of the Strathmore family to ensure they fill their blank canvases with that which will add value. “Have your eyes open and exploit the opportunities that are offered here. Do not just warm the great looking seats in the Sir Thomas More building. Be of influence and make a meaningful impact in your capacity. Above all, remember to make you journey memorable!”

Life as a Stratizen

Life as a Stratizen will not be all mellow. Even though we’re still battling the pandemic that is still ravaging the world, and more challenges are yet to come, the legendary late Kobe Bryant’s mantra was always one to reminds us that “everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for us to rise.” To the #Classof2025, regardless of the challenges, use them to tighten your vision. Rise and take up the opportunities!

Freedom…  At what cost?

In college, we are easily afforded the “freedom” we so desperately crave. The sudden realization that you can do anything, get up when you want and go where you want. Indeed, one becomes an “adult”. However, we are called to be vigilant not to misuse this newly found freedom. Make the right choices and be responsible for them. Nobody will make them for you.

Do not fall into the trap of peer pressure. Choose your friendship wisely. Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.

At the end of it all…

Ensure that in your purpose to grow, you gain Knowledge, be competent, be of value, and add value to others.

May you look back in 2025, when you will be wearing your graduation gown just about to turn your tassels, and see a beautiful masterpiece of the milestone you have achieved.

Enjoy your journey!


#SUConvocation #Classof2025


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 


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