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Students Spotlight: Manager Fahad Adil, Pan Africa Strathmore Leos

Fahad Adil Mohammed, a 4th year Bachelor of Commerce– marketing major student, is energetic and has made success his culture. Evident by the leadership positions and roles he holds; a former AISEC leader, and a manager of Pan African Strathmore Leo’s rugby team – Fahad is sure to yield results in everything he sets his mind to accomplishing.

Who is Fahad?

Fahad is a sportsman born and raised in Mombasa and lastborn in a family of four siblings. My family is very talented in sports which explains my passion for sporting activities. My late brother was a rugby player, and my other brother swims for the national team.

My family has been significant in influencing my character, a spillover effect displayed in my academics too. I have learnt from their experiences, it is never too early or too late to chase after your dreams. If you can envision it, you can definitely achieve it.

Your sporting journey…

At age six I started pursuing swimming as a sporting activity. I then took up football, and later on rugby. After joining the rugby bandwagon, I succumbed to a terrible knee injury which hurt my knee- cap and in its effect incapacitated me from taking part actively in the sport.

Although I couldn’t play rugby anymore I did not let this determine my love for the game. When I joined Strathmore, I approached Mitch Ocholla-Pan Africa Strathmore Leos Coach, and explained my love for rugby and why I couldn’t play. He noticed my keen interest for the game and included me in the teams’ management structure. I registered for modules on training to be a Rugby coach, I read books regarding the sport and soon I started serving as the team’s manager. I am now well accustomed with its operations.

Educational Background…

I went to school at Aga Khan High school in Mombasa, this is where I established my interest in rugby. As I continued to play for the high school team, I got to know of Strathmore Leos’ which propelled my dream of joining the institution. Further intuition regarding the institution’s academia quality proved that there was no better place where I could build my profession as well as make use of my sporting interest. Strathmore’s dedication toward its’ students continues to amaze me.

I consulted the Career Development Services (CDS) and from their counsel, I enrolled for the Bachelor of Commerce degree. 

Studying at Strathmore has been fulfilling; I realize that we are set apart from all the other graduates, an aspect I witnessed during my industrial attachment placement at Vivo Energy. Every day is a new experience at Strathmore.

On Managing a team…  

Managing a team is a roller-coaster. Being around highly intelligent and talented people not only challenges your thinking but also enhances your growth. Strathmore Leos has a significant impact as a team in Kenya’s sporting realm; late last year we won The King of Rugby Sevens university tournament, whilst maintaining position 4 nationally for the last four years in the league and recently, emerging position 4 in Kenya Cup Rugby series. Respect is a key factor in building our team’s cohesion, whilst on the pitch, we are all equal. I cannot fail to mention that we are the only students’ side playing against professionals.

Balancing studies, sports and leadership positions

It is a matter of inculcating personal discipline. You learn to be time-conscious and conscious of what you intend to accomplish with the time that you have.  


Some of my achievements include; being president of AIESEC- during my tenure we executed an students’ exchange program of over a hundred students around the globe for 6 -8 weeks, founding and running a rugby academy in my home town Mombasa- an avenue where young people can have a positive outlet to their energies as well as exploring their potentials, and finally running my own business venture.


We wish Fahad all the best in his endevours.