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Students and Strathmore Alumni Engage in Mwingi Work Camp

A team of 14 students and alumni travelled over 1000 kilometers in the lands of Mwingi County with an objective to inspire high school boys in the region. For 7 days, the team visited a total of six schools including one for the hearing impaired, mentoring the boys on virtues that included; prudence, fortitude, temperaments, generosity, humility, justice and patience.

The visits also allowed for the Strathmore team to play friendly football matches with the students, as a way of bonding.

Two students shared their experiences…

“This mentoring work camp has been one of the best and fulfilling experiences in my life. Since first year, I have been wanting to go for a work camp but didn’t get the opportunity. I went to Kitui with an intention of changing lives but ended up understanding myself better. The content we would share with the high school students was based on cardinal virtues. As I shared my knowledge on these virtues I had to rethink about the content to ensure it made sense in my life as well. During the entire period I was contemplating how I would incorporate these virtues in my life in order to become better. Nevertheless, I believe I made an impact in one’s life even if it’s not a student from the schools we visited but on myself. I can’t wait for the next work camp in order to learn and interact with the amazing Strathmore Community Outreach family who made the entire work camp a moment to cherish for the rest of my life.” ~Charles Ndirangu – BBIT Student.

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“What started as a simple work camp turned out to be my best experience on campus so far. The Kitui Work Camp was characterized by a bunch of jovial, hardworking and selfless Strathmore University students, who were just the right people to get the camp going. This was my first time to attend an all-male work camp. The moments shared by the students and their teachers brought a new sense of acceptance and understanding in me, as I had to be a recipient of what different people thought of me, people around them, and themselves. Making new friends was also great, as we cannot live without friends.

Despite impacting other people in the society, these experiences I believe made me better, as we cannot talk of values that we ourselves do not exhibit. This work camp only made me yearn for the next one, I cannot wait!” ~Davies Brian Buop – Strathmore Law School.