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Student Spotlight; SFAE Student Tedd Miano – Poster Child of Excellence

20 year old Tedd Miano can easily be termed as a jack of all trades, a man who thrives in producing excellence through all the hats he wears. The first born of three siblings, is a pianist, a singer, a chess player, a swimmer and a 1st class holder from the last three years of his bachelor of science degree, hoping to keep that streak as he finishes his course.

What is your Education Background?

I have been a Strathmore student from primary. In highschool I attained a mean grade of B+ in the national examination KCSE.


Before starting my bachelor’s degree I Studied ACCAs and once my KCSE results were out I enrolled into the School of Finance and Applied Economics (SFAE) to undertake a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Studies.

Tedd wears many hats outside of studying…

When I joined Strathmore to study the ACCAs, I joined the chapel’s mass choir, where I played the piano and sang. Special events I was a part of were the Don Alvaro and the St. Jose Maria masses where I sang tenor.


I am also a part of the Strathmore swimming team; I loved swimming from highschool. I won at the NASA competition and at the Strathmore Annual Sports day 2015, 2014 and 2013. In last year’s sports day I won in the 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle and 100m individual medley categories.


I then joined the Strathmore Chorale, where I always say I joined by mistake. A colleague of mine found me at the auditorium playing the piano and he introduced me to the chorale team. Since then I have been with the team playing the piano and singing.


There was a band that was also introduced in the university which I joined to play the piano. I haven’t been as active in the team as I would want to. However, I once joined the team when they performed at the Jim Mcfie Foundation event in March last year.


Finally, I joined the chess club, which I believe stemmed from my spirit of competitiveness. My colleague challenged me to a chess game once and I decided to read about the game and practice so that I can beat him. Although I have never defeated him, I feel I am more aware of the game and I compete better.

Why do you involve yourself in all these activities?

I developed a passion for each of these activities somehow… Ironically, my siblings and I sing but my parents don’t.

How do you balance studying with all these activities?

I make use of my Sundays by studying ahead. I come to the university library from the time it opens and study to the time it closes; or I study from home. I have been attaining 1st class honours since my first year of studies.


I also take advantage of the free times between classes, where I study especially topics I feel I don’t understand. I work at covering these difficult topics when am introduced to them, before the topic goes further and I am not able to perfect my knowledge.

Where does your motivation towards excellence stem from?

I would look at this individually.


At the moment, I am excited about playing chess, maybe the zeal will phase away with time. I believe my excitement for the game is my source of motivation.


While in highschool, my parents got me a birthday present of a piano, which motivated me to perfect my piano skills. I would practice a lot during my high school holidays. This enabled me to be excellent at playing the piano.


With regards to studying, I have always loved mathematics which is a key feature in actuarial science. I think my love for mathematics allows me to enjoy studying the course.

Professional Papers/CTs

I already started doing the professional papers. I have done four so far, I have 11 more to go.

What plans do you have for your next 5-10 years?

My parents want me to pursue my masters degree immediately after university, but I am not sure that’s the path I will take, I might choose to work first. However, I know I desire to finish all my CTs by then.

What is your Greatest Achievement this far?

For a year I had been practicing playing the piano and I assumed I was the best at it. I then joined the instrumental category for our talent show in highschool and I assumed I will be picked to perform, but unfortunately I was not picked. That motivated me to work harder at perfecting this skill. Two years later, I tried my lack again and this time round I became second in the same category. That was a great highlight for me, considering I taught myself to play.

Biggest Challenge this far?

Balancing all these activities with my studies. It is always difficult to strike that balance.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?

I look up to different people depending on the different activities am involved with, so I have a list of many motivators.


In the game of chess I look up to the great players like the world championship holders, and my colleagues at school.


Academically I look up to some fourth years who finished before me, like Mercy Akoth – a former SFAE student who finished with 1st class honours and had completed 8 CTs, other students include a former highschool mate, and another actuarists I met once.

For relaxation what do you do?

The good thing with being involved with many activities is you never get bored/have a lot of free time. I normally watch shows that would improve my chess skills, or practice my swimming, or playing the piano, or finally I am busy reading at the library.

What would you advice Actuarial Science students who shy away from joining extra-curricular activities due to school?

You can study and be actively involved with other things. You just need to plan yourself and work at getting a balance.