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Student Spotlight: Brian Osoro, In the World of Apps

The Kenyan Constitution App, barely two months old; has so far received an average of 4 stars out of 5 from 156 reviewers. The app which also has a record of over 16,000 downloads with 15,000 users, is the creation of our 4th year Bachelor of Science in Informatics student, Brian Osoro. His huge heart for I.T is what has moulded his career path into what he terms as “an empire in the making”.


From his choice of words, note Brian Osoro’s keen interest in order and precision:

  • Who is Brian Osoro?

Brian Osoro is a soft spoken individual with little to say in crowds. I must say I am terrible at multitasking; I can chew gum and walk, but in open conversations where two or more people are speaking, I have to decide upon whom to listen to.

  • What led you into studying Informatics?

As a child I was very fascinated with arts, especially sculptures; Michelangelo has always been a wonder. I gave arts a try, but all the attempts proved null. My curiosity soon turned to computers and Eureka! There was nothing that I couldn’t shake and bake in the world of computers. That is what led me to pursue Informatics, in an institution which I knew would quench my thirst for quality education; Strathmore University.

  • What led to the birth of the Kenyan Constitution App?

I used to see a good friend of mine who is pursuing Law studies, struggle through the pages of the Kenyan Constitution trying to get the best out of it. I decided to help him out by creating an application which would ease his studies, and what started as a helping hand turned out to be such a success!

  • What does the Kenyan Constitution App do?

The Kenyan Constitution App contains the full constitution divided into different segments. This enables the users to easily navigate through the various elements which include; the Preamble, the Articles, the Chapters, and the Schedules. One can also get to know the Articles in a particular Chapter with ease. There is also a bookmarking feature which enables one to know what they last read.

  • Are the users of the App only Law Savvy?

Most of the users are affiliated with law studies, but there are also ordinary citizens who have downloaded the app and have appreciated its features. I can easily tell from the reviews I get. I also get emails from people expressing what they want the app to incorporate. Due to such demands, I am currently working on a new release together with Loice Nyaribo, a 3rd year Law Student at Strathmore, so that we offer the users better, updated and advanced features.

  • What will the new release incorporate?

The new release will incorporate newly enacted acts which are made periodically, as well as how the enactment came into being. Since there is also a growing population of users who are not well acquitted with law studies, the app will provide a platform for ordinary citizens to familiarize themselves with their rights through the “Did you know pop ups”. 


  • What other apps have you developed?

Though The Kenyan Constitution App is my first app that has received such a great response, I have also developed, Ratiba SU app– a virtual timetable planner, and Airtimenow app ( https://www.airtimenow.com/ ), which we developed together with Kevin Murani , a classmate and a friend of mine. The Airtimenow app enables users to purchase airtime anywhere, for themselves and for their friends and families in different countries. We are soon incorporating M-pesa as a means of paying for the services.

  • To whom do you owe your success to

My success has been through the hands of God and my family, whose support has built such an integral component in my life. I also pass a hand of gratitude to the Strathmore University community, for imparting me with the knowledge, and in a special way, I thank Dr. Vincent Omwenga- my lecturer, who has been very encouraging, always taking time to guide me right.


We wish Brian the very best in his endeavours.


You can get Brian Osoro’s Kenyan constitution App through this link: http://goo.gl/leXKvl  or on Google play


To also get the latest of Brian’s apps and to know more of what he’s been up to, you can visit his website through: http://brianosoro.com