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Stratizens decide; meet the 11th Student Council

From left: Tara, Anoushka, Shannon, Fariya, Paul, Second row: Beth, Vianney, Rose Kemuel, Mastaki

Strathmore University held its annual student council elections on 6th September. The election would help appoint the 11th student council.


The various elective positions included: President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Finance Representative, Male Academic Representative, Female Academic Representative, Male Sports Representative, Female Sports Representative, and Public Relations Representative.


The candidates had previously campaigned for a month and engaged in a debate where they shared their ideologies and manifesto.


Voting began from 10 am closely guarded by election stewards and the security team at the Students Centre. Delegates were both manually and electronically registered before being handed the ballot papers where they secretly ticked their most preferred candidate. Each class nominated delegates for the elections with a total number of 581 delegates. The voting process was closed at 5 pm.


The final results were:

1. President

Shannon Mujera


2. Vice President

 Farhiya Osman


3. Secretary General

Mastaki Bwinja


4. Finance Representative

Beth Akinyi


5. Male Academic Representative

Sebayiga Vianney


6. Female Academic Representative

Anoushka Kassam


7. Male Sports Representative



8. Female Sports Representatives

Tara Kadenyi


9. Public Relations Representative

Rose Ngicho 


The 10th student council led by President Kevin Mwendwa will be finishing their term in a few days as the new council is inaugurated.


The new president Shannon Mujera, a third-year student pursuing computer science, won the election unopposed getting a total of 367 votes out of a possible 418. She was an official in SUITSA (Strathmore University IT Students Association)


Congratulations to the whole team and all the best in their tenure.



This article was written by Tuzo Jonathan.