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Strathmore with a Sparkle: Celebrating Our Housekeeping Team


It is easy to overlook clean hallways and slip-free floors every day, but did you ever think about the people or work that goes behind it? Keeping things clean is in itself an art which cannot be mastered by everyone. True to this, not many think about housekeepers when they walk into a hotel or any other institution. Housekeepers often go underappreciated, yet they work hard behind the scenes to ensure that our shared spaces, homes, offices and other areas in institutions are habitable.

Housekeeping is a job that is not appreciated enough because it is not painted with glamour. To celebrate these unsung heroes, a week is set aside every year in commemoration of their outstanding efforts. International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week is held annually during the second full week of September. This initiative was started in the early 80’s as a directive of the Integrated Environment and Health Assessment president and since then, it has spread globally to recognize the workers of this profession. The special week, which runs from 12th to 18th September every year, gives organisations and others the special opportunity to thank these professionals for their work. Institutions the world over celebrate it by dedicating a whole week of interesting activities that range from gift-giving, personalised acknowledgements, and staff job rotations to show solidarity with housekeepers. The week usually culminates in pomp and colour with a party to acknowledge their accomplishments. 

At Strathmore University, Dr. Vincent Ogutu – the Vice Chancellor Designate, with a pleasant and grateful heart, said, “If you are in housekeeping, you are turning an environment into a home and I think for the housekeepers at Strathmore, their job of turning the University into a home has been impeccable. As our founder, St.Josemaría Escrivá, said, a little act done out of love is worth so much and with that, every job we have in Strathmore is significant.”

To kick-start the week, ‘Walls of Praise’ were set up for anyone who wanted to appreciate the undying efforts of the housekeeping department alongside a grand breakfast for keeping Strathmore with a sparkle. It was a heartfelt and colourful gesture for the heroes who keep our spaces fit to live in. The symbolic green, yellow and pink on the walls intertwined with the sincere “thank you” notes, brought warmth to all who managed to read them.

To recap some of the encouraging words from the team at Strathmore, Ms Anne Muthoni, a housekeeper, gave an earnest message saying how much she loves putting a smile on people’s faces as people come to Strathmore. The current and 13th Strathmore Student Council President, Collins Okoh, also had a few words of gratitude to the housekeepers saying, “Cleanliness begins with each individual’s desire to be clean. If we all keep our spaces clean, then we create a holistic environment.” Concluding the momentous celebration during the breakfast session, Betty Ngala, Director, Communications and University Relations, expressed her utmost gratitude towards the housekeeping team for their valuable contributions and meticulous care.

Ending the week on a high note, the housekeeping team alongside other Strathmore staff members worked together to clean the University for the better part of Friday morning. As is the norm for commemorating celebrations, the team shared an assorted creamy cake with the hashtag #StrathmoreWithASparkle inscribed on it.

Asanteni Housekeepers for your endless dedication and efforts in keeping Strathmore with a sparkle.


This article was written by Cathy Buretti.        


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