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Strathmore University Relaunches Strategy – Journey to 2025

From left: Dr. Edward Mungai, Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Rev. Dr. Charles Mundia, Prof. John Odhiambo, Mrs. Bernadette Musundi, and Dr. Susan Kibue at the relaunch of the updated Strategy Plan 2021-2025.


Strathmore University relaunched its Midterm Strategy on Wednesday 25th November, 2020. It is embedded in the University’s Vision to be the leading entrepreneurial university that is having a positive impact on society by doing excellent work, and in its Mission which aims to provide an all-round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility, excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, ethical and social development and service to society. With this, Strathmore believes its fourth generation stratizens will successfully balance their roles as players in the extremely globalized higher education market place with their contribution to the economic and social development of their countries and regions. The event had a blend of both physical and virtual attendance with the University Council members, Members of the University board among other departmental heads present at the event.

What does the mid-term review strategy plan entail?

The updated strategy plan sets the University’s vision, goals, and strategies for the next five years. It will guide decisions and actions that inspire the very best in our student, faculty, staff, alumni and partners. As emphasized by Mrs. Musundi – the University Council Chair-, people will continue to be the cornerstone of Strathmore’s success and we appreciate the fact that it is our students and staff that set us apart without whom we will not fulfil our mission.  Therefore, the plan reflects our desired commitment to the well-being, learning, and success of our students and staff. It envisages a supportive and development culture in a community in which every member of the University is enabled to achieve their full potential through academic opportunity, professional, and personal development.

How are we going to achieve more together.

As shared by the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Odhiambo, lessons from COVID-19 have challenged Strathmore to be flexible and adaptable. It’s on account of this that there will be transformative student experiences from the provision of an environment where students become agents of change. The Vice Chancellor reiterated the University’s commitment to investing in research and innovation that transforms society through learning and enterprise resulting in a better society. By engaging its staff, students, alumni, and stakeholders in addressing ethical and societal challenges, the University continues to play its part as an agent of change. Transformative staff is a fourth pillar that was a recommendation made after the mid-term review. As University staff, be they academic or administrative, are key in differentiating us from other institutions, the University has an ambitious plan to invest, support, develop and nurture individual talents.

Over and above that, there are areas that have been identified and need to be mainstreamed across the University by every school and department to ensure that they become integrated in planning, operations and management. They include: digital transformation, continuous quality improvement, internationalizations, strategic collaboration and partnership, vibrant alumni engagement and data analytics. The process of mainstreaming them will involve flexibility, learning and acceptance of new norms. This will also facilitate translating the strategies into actions and creating departmental operation implementation plans to guide and align our efforts. Our actions will be guided by responsible leadership that is accountable for budget and progress. We will track our progress against the objectives of the strategic plan and will check and revise our direction and focus in response to changes both within and beyond the University.

While closing her remarks, the University Chair reminded the members present both physically and virtually that the last nine months have proved we are a team… a big tree of love where we are all our brothers’ keepers. With that spirit we can – Be more, Do more!


This article was written by Annete Karanja.


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