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Strathmore University Panthers shine

Most people say volleyball is an easy game to play but according to Rebecca Wasilla, Ladies Volleyball team captain, ‘It isn’t like that. One has to go through a lot, the diving across the floor, getting back on your feet and back to your position in under five seconds makes a volleyball playerconcentrate much more than one can guess, and again volleyball is not how tall you are. It’s how tall you PLAY.’


The Strathmore Panthers participated in the APHIA KamiliPlus Cup in Nakuru. Although the team was placed in a very competitive group; literally death; the team emerged tops against all odds as the winners of the female category. The Panthers started off very well by emerging runners up after Naivasha’s Oserian club beat the University students (sets 3-2) in the open category while we were the winners of the university category.We served them up, and slammed them down, thanks to super talented Mouline Odero who could bump, set and spike. She made it easy for the team.


Serving is the key to not giving away free points, and this was dominated by Catherine Mbaya and Captain Rebecca emerged as the favorite setter who ensured the team followed our volleyball song: Pass! Set! Kill!


Although the middle area is the hardest position to play, Wanda Wayaya made it the most effective when on the court. Panther’s teamwork made the team emerge heroes. Wendy and Lorraine put up blocks, such that nothing got through. At times, all they needed was a simple tip to score a point. The coach on the other hand only gave timeouts to slow down the momentum.

Unfortunately the Kenya Pipeline team, currently made up of a number of Kenya National Volleyball Team players humbled the Panthers who are young stars in sets of 3-0 in the open category quarter finals.


In the University category however, Strathmore took charge by beating all the teams in sets of 3-0. The only University playing in the national league, MKU queens lost miserably to S.U Panthers, Daystar didn’t win in any set at all and in another match Boron Girls High school lost to the Panthers as well. Strathmore Panthers were finally crowned champions in the Nakuru APHIA Kamili Tournament. Coach Barasa was one proud man eventually after believing in the ladies all through the tournament.

He said “Championship is not about winning, but we need to get way up above the others, that’s true sportsmanship”.