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Strathmore School of Management and Commerce 2nd year Students share their KRA visit Experience

2nd Year School of Management and Commerce (SMC) students recently visited the Kenya Revenue Authorities (KRA) headquarters, with the purpose of learning further on taxation; familiarizing themselves with taxation in Kenya, and the procedures involved in the different types of tax in Kenya.

The students were introduced to KRA employees who gave them a brief background of KRA, including their mission, vision and core values. The students learnt on tax payers’ rights and why it is important to impose taxes on individuals; how the tax benefits the economy as a whole and the effects of tax evasion; and also the penalties incurred if one evades taxes.

The students shared their experiences as follows;

“I enjoyed my experience at the KRA headquarters. I learnt in a deeper sense the importance of paying tax, the way tax is handled after it has been received, and the penalties of tax avoidance. I would advise the school to give students this opportunity annually.” – Pauline Kahahu.

“I was able to link current economic status to taxes, and realized that we cannot blame KRA for the increase in taxes since they have to abide with the imposed rules and regulations in the constitution. I learnt that the KRA pin is a requirement as it helps with following up on tax returns. I also learnt that the issue of multiple taxation is prevented by transferring the burden to a consumer through VAT.” – Ivanarita Aburili.

“I learnt how to be tax compliant. I did not know as much about tax as I thought I did initially. I feel more educated about the taxation system in Kenya.” – Cynthia Gacicio.