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Strathmore Leos 27 Reach Kenya Cup Semi Finals


Leooooos Tuko!?


Leooooos Tuko!?




27th November 2021 marked the commencement of the Kenya Rugby Cup League 2021-2022. Over twelve rugby teams across Kenya such as Kabras Sugar RFC, Menengai Oilers, KCB, Harlequins and Strathmore Leos, just to mention a few, played against each other. Three weeks ago, the League proceeded to the semi-finals and finals with the top four qualified teams.

Strathmore Leos well represented the University with their stellar performance in the League as they made it to the semifinals. On 12th March 2022, the Leos went head to head with Kabras Rugby Club at a thrilling and nail-biting game! Unfortunately, the Leos were knocked out from the semifinals with the scores reading 29-9 in favor of the Kabras team that went ahead to lift the Kenya Cup.

The Leos closed the table as the top four in the Kenya Cup League! Huge props to the team!

Losing a match does not mean losing the faith…

“One of the hardest things in life is learning how to deal with the punches received and loses attained. Despite the pain that comes with it, losses are most important lessons that moulds your life. Our goal was to win the league but we did not achieve this. That did not deter us from celebrating our win of making it to the top four teams in this Kenya Cup League – we were the only university represented.

Winning encourages one to continue putting in the same work in future while losing equally teaches us to even work harder and learn from our shortcomings. That is what builds and makes us stronger.

Injuries during the season were also a setback as some of the key players had to be attended to medically. This meant they had to step away for the rest of the season.


We, as a University rugby side are privileged to have reached the Kenya Cup semis in two consecutive seasons.


There is an old saying – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In essence, if one team member fails to do their job, the entire team fails. Together as a team, we shared the same goal, we played to win. We trained together and pushed each other for greatness. The days prior to the D-day, we gathered at The Cage (Strathmore Sports Complex), strategized and created the vision for the match against Kabras and prayed for great success as is the Leos’ norm.

Hats off to Coach, Louis Kisia, a one-man-army and the Leos Captains; Gabriel Adero and Gideon Makumi, for leading the team to such heights. For all the hard work and tough trainings, coming up with a new set of plays and tactics, coaching us to improve our individual skills, motivating and pushing us beyond our limits, we salute you!

In the future marches

Our mantra, which is “27”, reminds us to put maximum effort in our daily endeavours. The “27” mantra was created by Leos’ playing elites. This was a literal sum of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (24/7, 365). We purpose to bounce back and let the setback be our comeback. We aim to surpass our targets and post exemplary results and win championships not only for ourselves, but also for our esteemed fans who believe in us.”

#XXVII #27


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.


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