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Strathmore Drama Society Celebrate their Loyal Sponsors

It’s amazing how fast time flies for it was just four years ago that we formed partnerships that have sailed beyond the borders of formalities to bloom into long lasting friendships.


For any performing arts group the responsibility that lies in having to get furniture to fill a set, more so taking into thought how often the set changes, is quite relatable. This being the struggle of so many theatre groups ours is that of a happy transition every time we stage a play, certainly not due to any furniture purchasing capability so to say but due to one of our oldest and most fruitful friendships with Odds and Ends. For years they have provided us with all sorts of furniture that we needed for each play. We are grateful for their support for we would honestly not be where we are right now, successful of course, without them.


With furniture arises the need for transport, this alongside an extremely wide range of material used to build our stage sets. Another three years of friendship turned this experience into a loveable and joyful one with all needed furniture and set, not only being transported from one location to another and back to its original location, but also being transported right on time as agreed. To our lovely partner and friend – Cube Movers – moving has surely been without tears for the three years we have been partners and no words can exemplify how grateful we are.


To our latest and most current partners, who have definitely managed to crown our world, painting our set would be an inconceivable and unanticipated event were it not for you. We thank you for turning our pain into pleasure. Your sponsorship has not only helped provide us with paint but also seen us get access to the best quality of paint there is and some insight on how to blend colours together to achieve a desired ambience. Crown Paint, we couldn’t be happier to have you on board. Thank you.


Our next play is set for 1st, 2nd and 3rd July, titled; The Lady from the Sea. Tickets are going for Kshs. 450 advance and Kshs. 600 at the door. All are welcome.


Article by: Barbara Nyambura – DRAMSOC member