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Sports Administrator Sylvia Kamau Appointed as New KRU Director

Passionate about sports, Sylvia Kamau – Sports administrator at Strathmore University, was on Wednesday 22nd March, 2017, elected as a Director for Kenya Rugby Union (KRU), a position she will hold for the next two years.

Sylvia wishes to use her new position to develop and improve women in Rugby and run development programs.

How did you get to this position?

I am passionate about sports generally, but I got into rugby administration when I started working for Strathmore, where I became the chair person for the Strathmore Leos Rugby.

What does your new role entail?

KRU runs matters rugby in Kenya, which includes national squads, 7s and 15s teams; areas most visible to Kenyans.  We have our first board meeting on 29th March, where we will be assigned dockets that we will manage, I will therefore know more about my role then. However, I am passionate about development and women’s rugby.

Development is key, and applies directly to what I do at Strathmore, where we help nurture students to achieve the highest sporting levels. We believe that capacity is mostly built when sports players are younger.

As for the women rugby, I feel the ladies 15s team needs to be improved more as this will increase the number of participating athletes. Generally women are not keen on rugby, at Strathmore we try to start a team but we find it difficult because of the ladies’ reserved fears. We therefore need to introduce the game from a different angle where we sell the game to the girls from a younger age, and they grow into it. Most girls who play rugby switched from another sport to rugby. I believe if we nurture the girls from an early age, we will get more women interested.

Despite my passion, whichever docket I get I will be happy to do my best while working at it, I am up to task I believe.

What does the structure entail?

There’s a Chairman, Vice Chair, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and 6 Directors at KRU board; I am part of the 6 Directors. Our roles vary as Directors.

Were you nominated?

The Directors’ roles are electoral posts, therefore anyone can vie. I was however endorsed by the Rugby Kenya Cup club caucus, before I approached other delegates to support me. I also enjoyed overwhelming support from the university affiliates.

The elections at KRU are staggered, this year we voted in four Directors and the Chairman, next year we will vote the other positions. This is done to ensure continuity and intellectual security.

When do you start your official duty?

I start on 29th March in the first board meeting.

My position at KRU is not a full time job, therefore I will not need to step down from my position at Strathmore, and my role will not conflict with my current work.

What does your Strathmore Job entail?

As the Sports administrator I am in charge of managing all sports teams and sporting programs in Strathmore. Also to enhance sports and make sports available for all within Strathmore University.


We wish Sylvia the very best in her new role!