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Graduate Spotlight: Edel Koki – Treat All People With Dignity


The 2020 Christmas holiday was like no other for me. I barely enjoyed it because I knew that come January 2021, I would be sitting for my final exams. Some days I psyched myself up to study and on other days I told myself that January is still far. In the end, and painfully so, I had to pay for the time I did not study. Late nights and weekends indoors were my routine. I’m glad I have adapted and that they’re over. I’m excited that my efforts will finally be rewarded when I graduate this September with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics.

What can you tell us about your area of study?

I have always enjoyed mathematics from a young age. That is not to say that I did not have challenges in my course. However, the passion to want to be at my best motivated me to work harder and repeatedly seek help whenever I felt like I was struggling with something. A word from the wise: for those pursuing my course or wish to – it is not for the faint-hearted and you have to put your best foot forward each time. I believe when you put in the work, the results will show and the universe will work in your favor. Beyond class, I have come to learn that opportunities are out there; we only have to be intentional in finding them. For instance, I always thought that for my area of study, I could only work in some of the big auditing firms. My industrial attachment, however, painted a different picture.

Your community-based attachment was a life changer, why?

This was the one moment I faced one of my fears. Working in a hospital and interacting with patients was a wholesome experience. I spent my time at the Texas Cancer Center. Some days were exciting as I engaged the patients and others I learned the loss of some that I was getting to know.  Here, my value for life and respect for all people was redefined. Treating all people with dignity is a way to show them they matter and are of value.

To my Strathmore family.

Thank you is not enough for the kindness you have shown me. The partial scholarship I was awarded allowed me to study the course of my choice in an institution that I will celebrate for years to come. The team at Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Studies (SIMS) made me feel at home. A big shout out to Elias, Lydia, Isaac, and Annita for being ready to solve all the admin issues. For my course work, I appreciate the dedication and patience shown by my lecturers namely: Meleah Oleche, who is also an alumnus of SIMS, and Gillian Kimundi. Prof. Robert Mudida truly helped me see the diversity in a math-based course. That wasn’t clear to me in the beginning. I cannot forget to mention my college mates for the awesome memories we share; Annah-Grace Kemunto, Alvin Igobwa, Janeth Kemunto, and Laureen Kabura, asanteni sana!

My name is Edel Koki, I am a senior analyst at Busara Center for Behavioral Economics. Currently, I am enjoying my role while observing how the trends in my area of specialization are changing before I decide my next academic move.


This article was written by Annete Karanja.


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