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SI Graduate Spotlight: Liza Nyambiange – Difficult moments helped me grow


Liza Nyambiange graduated with a Diploma in International Relations in the 3rd Strathmore Institute of Management and Technology (SI) graduation. She narrates her Strathmore experience and gives us a glimpse into some of the difficult moments that have shaped her into being who she is today.

“At first I wanted to become a doctor. I still would like to be one. On the other hand, I have a deep passion for International Relations. I’d like to be a person who brings hope to the less fortunate through service to society. I know with enough skills and hard work; I will be a mother to many people.

No one loves being in a tough situation since it comes with pain, struggle and can even lower one’s self esteem, which, if not checked, allows bad behaviour to kick in. My first year in Strathmore was tough: I was not happy with my grades and this affected my self-esteem. I also dealt with culture shock and struggled with fitting in with others due to our diverse backgrounds. I would often find myself alone with a book as a companion. I knew I had to work on myself, get friends and improve my grades. With time, through interactions like group work with different classmates, I found long life friends. My grades also improved to the point where I was among the top of my class during graduation.

At the beginning of 2021, I lost my mother. She had raised my two siblings and me single-handedly. I remember the days when I would struggle to clear the fees in order to do my exams. It was an incredibly tough season.

At first I felt alone and the idea of letting go of my studies crept in. I was so lucky to have two mentors – Raymond Kiyegga, my lecturer in social ethics, and Genevieve Disashi, my professional mentor. They have both contributed to who I am today and were present when I lost my mother. Genevieve, who at one time had been in a similar situation having lost her own mother, was a pillar. Her words of encouragement and comfort will always linger in my mind anytime I’m tempted to throw in the hat.

Besides the tough life I had since I was a first year student at Strathmore Institute I am proud of myself; being among the best students is a privilege and a strategic move. My next move is to join the International Relations degree programme here in Strathmore because this is the place to be when you need quality education.

Currently, I am working at DataposIT limited in Westlands. I am currently a project management assistant which I am super grateful for because it has helped me gain more experience career wise. My future plans are to be an outstanding woman, a positive force in society like Wangari Maathai and be a role model to many.

The advice I would give to current students is: know your background, appreciate and stand with what you have. In life, only you can learn the lessons the world throws at you. Learn to be happy at all times.”


This article was written by Zipporah Wanjohi.       


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