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SHSS launches the Communications Consultancy Clinic


On 28th May 2021, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences officially launched the Strathmore Communications Consultancy Clinic (SCCC).  The Clinic is exclusively molded for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BAC) students to ensure that they graduate market and life ready.

During the virtual launch, Ms. Noella Mutanda, the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) secretary gave the keynote address. She passionately engaged the communication students and faculty on the opportunities that the clinic can explore in the market. She emphasized that Public Relations is considered strategic hence it is critical for students to be all-rounded.

SCCC is moulded around one of the key pillars of the University – service to society – and has three key ideas:

  1. To expose students to as many practical communication scenarios as possible. It is important that BAC students realize the intricate role and value of communication in society even as they learn about it.
  2. To give students an opportunity to serve especially the underprivileged in society PRO BONO through their communication knowledge.
  3. To serve as a special professional mentoring opportunity for member students, from industry experts.
SCCC Activities

Students who join SCCC will have the opportunity to work with communication professionals who often engage in the following specializations:

  1. Frequent writing: news articles, opinion pieces etc.
  2. Social Media/Digital communication: setting up and running of social media accounts, Digital media creation and monitoring, digital media marketing etc.
  3. Mainstream media monitoring
  4. Strategic Communication ventures: developing and implementing strategic communication documents.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of Communication effort etc.
  6. Training and Empowerment
  7. Digital media production: Photography; Video projects etc.

The SCCC will offer the BAC students an opportunity to put these skills into practice for the less privileged in the society. Once a student joins a given placement, they will be required to take time to understand how the company works, what has worked before, what has not worked and why it has not worked: . It is important that students understand that any work environment has an underlying philosophy. The SCCC therefore gives them an opportunity to not only understand society, but also to seek to solve problems from an informed point of view.

By volunteering in the clinic, clinicians cultivate their employability status making it easy to maneuver around the job market. As a parting shot, Ms. Mutanda asked the students to build on the value of trust. As it is said, trust is earned when actions meet words.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a degree in Communication with three specializations: Public Relations, Communication for development and Journalism. To join the ongoing July Intake, click here.


This article was written by Briege Mwangi, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication student.   


If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu